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Nice and inexpensive scrubber!

Other scrubbers out there are ridiculously overpriced and harsh. This scrubber does the job well, isn’t harsh, and holds a decent amount of soap with no problem! Rinse when you’re done and hang it up, it’s easy and worth buying!

Thankful beard

I got the whiskey and bad decisions beard grease. I've had others that were very hard to massage into the face. This grease goes on super smooth and the scent last most of the day. Unfortunately it mandatory I have to wear a mask at work, but it's not so bad smelling the beard grease all day. Need to make some more scents available.


Right now I've only opened the one of 7 . It does leave the skin feeling cleaner than with other soaps. Washes off good too.

The best you'll ever buy

Napalm in the Am is the best soap I've ever had. Soft skin that's not dried out, a citrus scent that makes waking up at 3am a little easier and also just found out it cleans my greasy hands after working on my truck, WITHOUT drying my hands like that orange hand cleaner does.

Set of soaps

I had such a hard time deciding which soap to use first they all smell fantastic

The bomb

This soap is amazing love the scent

Napalm beard kit

Game changer in every way. Awesome products.

Love This Product!

My skin has never felt smoother or softer. Does an awesome job of exfoliating. Still produces a great lather while making the soap last longer.

Peppermint is great

First time for peppermint. It is in the tip 3 faves

Cinnamon heaven

Save the tatas equals cinnamon goodness. Digging the scent and loving the color. K Bar Soaps are the best

No soap dish needed

This thing is great cuts out the need for a soap case/dish and acwash cloth. Creates amazing lather.

Smells like yum

This definitely smells like peppermint candy. I love it. These bars last longer than 17 uses. Worth every penny

Great Soap

Fluster Cuck is a great soap, you never know what scents you will get from a single frag until use it. It builds up a great lather and leaves the skin nice and smooth. You cannot go wrong with any of K Bar Soap Company grenade soaps, they are all great!

Love it!

As always a great product. Works great and smells even better

Good stuff

I rarely waste my time reviewing products that don't work as advertised. This bag is an exception. It works well to lather up a full bar or the remaining pieces of a bar. I guess it also exfoliates. Good stuff.

Love the Scent and Scrub

This is one of my favorites! In the morning it wakes you up. In the evening it mellows you down with that mint scent. If you're a burly man like me, you end up minty all day. It's awesome and my wife loves the scent.

Great soap

Love all the ones I've used. Still have some to try.

So excited to see you brought this soap back.Have tried a few others but this one is my favorite. Your soaps work so well that I even use it on my face. So glad to have found a soap that doesn't leave me having to take a bath in lotion after showering.

Wake up !!

My day begins at 3:20 am .. the smell was of coffee wakes up your senses … who remembers coast soap ? Where is it now ?? It’s in the trash .. k bar soap is where it’s at !!

KBSC Hoodie
John A

I’ve been waiting for a hoodie to show the world that there is a company that produces products that will allow you to shower with freedom! This is a warm hoodie that is true to size. It doesn’t have a traditional kangaroo pocket but that doesn’t bother me at all! Grab one while you can so you can stay warm after you shower with freedom!!

Love Chest Candy

I wait for this bars release every year. It’s my absolute favorite grenade. It’s also a great gift for the holidays. You can’t go wrong.

Awesome soap dish!

Great quality carved wooden soap dish. I wish I had bought one earlier! Fits perfectly for kbar soap grenades.

KBSC Hoodie
Christina R
Best hoodie you’ll buy!

Got this hoodie for my husband and it’s the softest and most comfortable hoodie. Absolutely love it and the camo green color!! 5/5!

KBSC Hoodie
Penny L.
Awesome Hoodie

This is a great hoodie. Super soft, great message to get out the message about their great soap. I'm looking forward to fall weather to show people to "Ditch the Bar, Grab a Grenade"! Thank you veterans again for creating a great product. You are the best for what you have done for our great country. Semper Fi

Awesome Grenades!

The best soap ever! I support veteran owned companies. They do things RIGHT! Lathers up, makes you feel clean after a hard day or start off fresh in the am. I'd never go back to "store" soap. AMERICAN MADE, made by AMERICAN WARRIORS. Semper Fi