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All Natural High Quality Bars

Right out the box I can smell the awesome scents. Fast shipping too. The six grenade bars I've picked was Kaneohe Bay, Cash Sales, High Speed Low Drag, Chest Candy, Latherneck, and Whiskey & Bad Decisions. Bars last a long time too as I'm not the only one using it. My husband was the first one to use my bars when it arrived cause I was at work and he gets the mail. These bars will not disappoint you because they are natural and high quality unlike those cheap harsh bars from the store. I will be subscribing in February for backup. Highly recommended for everyone to try. (I'm a female and I'll use these bars anyways.)


Soap dish is high quality material. The grenade bar fits perfectly on it and bar doesn't stick to the soap dish. The cedar scent also adds a nice scent to your grenade bar too. Awesome quality. Recommended that you grab one for your bar.

Excellent scent

I absolutely love the way this smells. Brings back some memories. Will definitely buy this one again! Excited to try the others as well

whiskey and bad decisions grenade soap

this has to be my favorite soap scent you carry. i have used most of your soap products and will keep purchasing your soap and other products. very good service and fast shipping.

All Purpose Wooden Comb
Jeff Blackford
wooden comb

the wooden comb slides through my beard smoothly. it fit in my jeans pocket very well. i carry it everywhere.

whiskey and bad decisions beard grease

i have never used beard grease before. i am very impressed with how the grease soaks into the beard and makes it very manageable and soft. i will purchase this product again.

Opha Mae

Makes my skin soft and smells very nice.

The best soap of all time

I love this soap so much I’m doing a sud scription. The best soap I’ve EVER used hands down. This is my go to shower soap.

Excellent Soap and products

I have been purchasing soap and other products from this company for over two years now. And soap grenades are the best, long lasting and smell good without the big dollar price. I will continue purchasing from K bar soap company for years to come. Dan

Best Soap

Great soap that gets after the dirt from a hard day but also supports a veteran owned organization. I can not use generic soap again!

It was underwhelming...

Don't get me wrong it's a pleasant enough vanilla-esche smell, it just wasn't what I was hoping for compared to the WABD grenade.

Just Awesome!

My first purchase on the site was a 4 pack of frags, that didn't include Reveille. I'm a huge Coffee guy so the Chocolate coffee scent really peeked my interest, so I made a quick return purchase just for it, so thrilled I did. I'd have to say it's my favorite scent!

Just Yes!

Super easy, I bought it, they sent me an email, I forwarded it too the recipient, and she loved the products. So if you're like me, and can't shut up about this soap, and want to pass it on to others, do it!

Yep this is the one

She loves it. Happy wife happy life. Keepem comin. 💪🏽👌🏽

Fucking Awesome

My favorite bar. #Dirtyhandscleanmoney

Wife loves it

Great smell and it works and the wife loves it. Enough said. Thx for another great product 👍

Just good stuff

This does not break apart like some other companies products aka squatch. Does the job. Some people say it leaves a film. Well clean the shower. Had to clean the latrine daily while in service. It's just not that difficult Very good product my brothers

Awesome soap

I’ve just started using kbar and I must say I love this soap! I switched from a different natural brand and I love how much more gritty kbar is and the scent is stronger and lasts longer. I’m a kbar user now for good!

Yeah, This is the business!

I’ll tell you what, this was my first order, and I am glad I chose this bar! It smells awesome and it cleans awesome. The grenade makes it so easy to hold onto! This will definitely not be my last order! Try it or else you’re missing out!

Great soap

I love the smells, feel and handle of the soaps. They last longer then the other brands and you feel cleaner with the grenades. The grenades wash away completely and don't leave a residue. For the people complaining about the price, the amount of and quality of the soap you are receiving is a good deal.

Great soap!

I bought the mystery 6 pack, the 6 pack of grenade soaps, and the soap dish. So far I've only used part a bar. The soap dish is great along with the soap. I've found that a little goes a long way. Just a little film on my hands and arms will lather up nicely and I've tried it in my hair too and it is great! I've stopped using lotion because the soap hydrates my skin enough that lotion is no longer needed. I probably have enough soap for a year maybe more. My soap drawer smells great! I can't wait to try the scents. The bars are roughly 1 5/8" thick 2 5/8" length and width or square. The thank you note was much appreciated!

Kaneohe Bay Grenade Soap
Cynthia Rodgers
Smells amazing and leaves skin sooooo smooth

Bought this as a birthday gift for my husband as he served at Kaneohe Bay. Was not prepared for the amazing smell and soft skin that came with it! I have ordered KBar soap for myself in the past but husband is hooked!
Got a sample as well with my order that I am now going to order too! This is by far one of the best bars I have smelled although they are all wonderful.

Six Pack O' Frag

I've used nothing but this soap for a few years now. I even take it with me on trips because hotel soap just won't do anymore. The Six Pack is a good way to get a discount on the per piece price.....and you know you're gonna buy more, so why not go ahead and get six now?????

Lip Bomb is the Bomb

Do yourself a favor and try this Lip Bomb. It's far better than your over the counter stuff from the store. My girlfriend discovered mine and now its gone and I had to order more.

Best soap ever

My wife bought me one a few years ago for a Christmas present because it looked like a grenade. It helped me so much with my dry skin that it is all That my wife and I use.I know the shape makes it look gimmicky to some people but this soap really performs well. And I can get three weeks out of one bar.