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I ordered the wooden comb. Actually 2 of them. They are very good quality. Work great and fit the hand well. Plus they sent a hand written thank you card. I was very impressed and will be trying other products of theirs in the future.

Wonderful Scent!

I purchased this for my husband. It smells wonderful, and helps his dry, winter skin. A little definitely goes a long way, so it’s quite economical. We will be buying again!

First Purchase, but Not My Last!!!

I ordered this as post Christmas gifts for the men in my family ... and myself!
So far, nothing but rave reviews. My Dad, a retired combat engineer who’s generally not terribly impressed by a lot, loves Chest Candy. I treated myself to a bar of Opha Mae ... it has a lovely, subtle lavender scent. I gifted my brother Whiskey and Bad Decisions, and he gives it a double thumbs up. My Leatherneck hubby is enjoying his bar of Latherneck. He’s impressed by how well his dry winter skin is under control. We are looking forward to sampling some other Kbar products!

Awesome product!

Love the soap and I definitely will be buying more!

Great Soap for Camping!

My son goes camping every summer and he loves this F*ck Bugs soap!

The more the better!

Buy in bulk to save money!

Whiskey & Bad Decisions is a favorite for sure. The soap is pretty popular, too ;)
Great hand rehab for mechanics

This stuff works great for mechanics hands. It helps keep them from being stained by dirt and grease. Love this stuff

We love making products that work as hard as you do!
Great soap

This soap has been amazing so far. Only been useing for a week and already notice how much cleaner my skin feels compared to commercial soap

So glad you can tell the difference premium, all-natural ingredients makes!
Like it alot

So far so good on my first bar of soap.
Cant wait to try the other 3 that I ordered

4 Pack o' Frag is a great way to find your favorite scent... we can't wait to hear what yours is!
Good and clean

I believe this soap actually cleans better than any store bought perfumy smelling soap. It has more of a manly smell and cleans great.

We are firm believers in the difference premium, all-natural ingredients make!
4th Battalion

Bought two of these bars the wife is enjoying one of them and the other we gifted to a friend both enjoying the scent of the bars and both have commented on how their skin feels after each shower. I would rate the experience an A+++++

This is what we love to hear, especially about our newest scent!
Soap keeper

This really does make my bars last longer

Awesome gift set

I bought this set for my fiance for Christmas. He's a Marine Corps vet and I love that this company is veteran owned and operated. Let me first say how impressed I was with how quickly this order came. Ordered on a Saturday and it was delivered Monday. Can't say the same for other companies lol. I loved how each item came in a little logo bag. My fiance and I both really like the smell of Whiskey and Bad Decisions. My finace has really enjoyed all the products in this set and I'll be purchasing for him again. Something Salt Dog scented is next on the list!

We love hearing the gift of showering Freedom was appreciated, especially by both of you!
BEST Man’s Soap Hands Down, Man Down

I purchased this soap for my husband who is a simple guy... there’s only a few things he is Meticulous about. His body soap is one of them, he loves how this soap smells, cleanses and leaves his skin moisturized and hydrated. No lotion needed! I know this because he brags about KBar and dreads when he’s out. Thank you for such a bullet proof product!

Glad to hear the premium ingredients have made a difference!

Bought this soap for a Christmas present. He loves it

We love to hear this!
The Best Soap

My husband won’t use any other soap now. He is so glad that we found K Bar soap. He enjoys so many of the scent options. The exfoliating is also a great benefit. The wooden tray also keeps the soap nice and dry as well as extend the life of the soap. I enjoy how he smells after using the soap. We even gifted the soap for Christmas this year to family members. (Including my father in law that is a Marine veteran.) It is also great to support a small veteran owned business.

We love to hear feedback like this! Showering Freedom is a great gift, and we bet your family loved it!
Pulled the Pin

Awesomeness! Have really enjoyed my combo pack. Great scents with the soap, beard oil, and beard grease! In my opinion the best products for men I have purchased. Great meeting my military brothers at this event as well! Semper Fi

Love hearing how much you've enjoyed all that Freedom!
Excellent service

Bought the soap as a gift to my husband. Excellent service, quick shipping, will definitely order more!

We appreciate your business!
Husband’s Favorite

Bought this soap for my husband last year and have ordered again. He loves it.

Glad to hear it! 'Merica!
Never disappointed

I refuse to buy any other soap other then Kbar. Ever single recipe is amazing and long lasting. Im a life long customer. This is a great way to get to know all the soaps from kbar.

We can't wait to hear what your favorite scent is! Glad to hear you've enjoyed trying some of them out!
Great for Storing Your Soap

My wife was complaining about my soap all over the cabinet so I bought this to keep them all together. She loves it, I love it, and it works great!

Nothing says 'Merica like some showering Freedom in an ammo box!
Great Soap with flair

Great bar of soap. I have switch to nothing but Kbar. One. At last’s me about 2 weeks if that is a concern for you. Smells are great and they do a little exfoliating with the right bar. Love Whiskey and Bad Decisons!

Whiskey and Bad Decisions is a fan favorite for sure!
Whiskey and bad decisions beard oil, beard grease, and soap.

Stuff works and smells great! My fiancé always notices it after I have used any of their products. Highly recommend these products.

Thank you for your support! We love making our customers happy (and smell good!)
Everyone loves the grenade soap

I bought a 4 pack to pass out to some of the men in the family and they loved them. We use them when we go in the woods or trails easier to keep up with and no mess. Love the smell of whiskey and bad decisions.

This is what we love to hear - everyone enjoying some showering Freedom!

Use it for a daily face scrub

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