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Has been fantastic and doesn't contain the harmful chemicals that cause me to break out.

Bad ass freedom

Best soap there is it gets the dirt and grime off and keeps that skin nice and hydrated. The best customer service there is. I’ll be a customer for many years to come.

Showering with Freedom

Where has this soap been all my life, Keep up the Great work brother!

Buy this, smell good, full stop.

Bought this on a whim just to get the free shipping (yeah, I'm cheap, what of it). I pretty much never wear cologne, so I was quite surprised when I found myself putting this on at least once a day (sometimes I throw on a little more on lunch break). It's also been 2 weeks and I can't even tell any is gone, so it's gonna last a long time.

this shirt is cool!

I am really enjoying this t-shirt. I would call it an athletic fit, more snug fitting than other shirts of the same size. If you like a looser fit, order one size up. But that said the material is super soft cotton and very comfortable.

Badass soap! Can't wait for the damn water to come back on(from TX) to shower again!

Great soap

My husband loves this soap! He makes sure to let me know when he is using his last bar so I can order more. Give it a try!

Looks cool

Another great product


Love everything about this soap will definitely keep coming back

Patriotic Presents

I absolutely love Opha Mae, and I wanted to try the Soledier Socks... so buying the Blanket Party was a no-brainer! Comfy socks with a purpose and the luxurious soap were a great buy. I'm looking forward to purchasing more products from both companies! I reviewed Kbar soap on the Women's Outdoor Media Association's blog.

Skin saver

I am always skeptical about hand healers. But I used the Knife hand Rehab and I found it refreshing without that long lasting greasy feeling. I had my daughter try some on her eczema and she now uses all of mine, so I had to order my own, again. It’s also awesome to put on Tattoos it brings them back to life..

Whiskey and bad decisions was a great decision

I wear this stuff all day and apply it as often as I like without it over powering you. Every women that has smelled it asks what it is and where did I get it.

Great product

As soon as I unwrapped the soap I loved the scent

I love that, right out of the box! Hope you loved it after you used it too!

Wonderful for fresh tattoos!

I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to daily wash/rinsing of a new tattoo (sleeves, full chest etc.) This is what I’ll be using from now on. It sped up the healing process for me, kept the ink vibrant, and the best part is it kept the tattoo from the itching like crazy phase! Can’t recommend highly enough, not just as a wonderful body soap but tattoo healer as well! Thanks K Bar!

This is exactly what we designed Ricky Recon for! WE love us some tattoos, so we had to have a bar that worked perfectly for that.

smells like Freedom!

I have allergies to many soaps on the market today. Too many additives and perfumes. I don't like to smell flowery like my better half as most natural soaps have been catered toward women. I am loving this stuff! It is great for my skin and smells like freedom! I will be using k-bar for the foreseeable future.

just what I need

I am a fan of kbar soap, and this kit is perfect for my outdoor lifestyle. The soap ti. Is perfect size for my travel shower kit! Thanks!

my man smells soo good

I got this for him for his birthday and now when he is about to run out he tells me “please I need more whiskey “... he really likes it!

Best one yet

I would have to say that Chest Candy is my favorite bar of soap this far. The scent is amazing, leaves my skin feeling great, and gives me a little more motivation in the morning.
If you're looking for something to make you feel like you're flying on the back of a Bald Eagle while waving around Ol' Glory in the name of Freedom, then this bar is for you. 10/10 would recommend.

Perfect starter pack!

Bought the sampler pack for my husband and he has loved it! Loves the gentle exfoliating and that there’s no film left over on his skin after using. We’ll definitely be ordering more soon!

Best comb that I've used, will be looking forward to use it far many years to come.

An great way to store you're soap.

repeat buyer

love the soap and i found the scents i like. highly recommend napalm in the a.m.


Have purchased alot of beard and body soaps, Kbar if by far the best i have ever tried. Great group of people..highly recommend! 🇺🇲

Best purchase so far

So I’ve bought a few bars so far and this is by far my girlfriends favorite scent. Doesn’t matter if it’s after a long day working in the sewers of NY or after the gym, this scent makes for a better smell!

Great soap

I have only tried Chaos but the others smell great! My wife really likes the soap as well. Awesome packaging. Perfect gift for office mates to remind them they should shower every day once we are back to the office after COVID (assuming you have a job where you won't get fired for bringing a grenade to work)