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Why wouldn't you?

Best deal on the best soap out there!

What an awesome product!

Solid company and great products, will definitely be buying more!

Salt Dog

You ever see your neck beard and pizza roll eating self in your mom's basement LARPing what it would be like to be and smell like a badass operator? Well now you can! Smell like a man who knows exactly how to load a musket, still your own whiskey, and smoke your own jerky made from the flesh of your enemies. This grenade does not get any more badass or manly than this scent. If you don't like being called "Sir" because you work for a living then this is the soap for you.

Chest Candy
It was the peppermint!

I love all things peppermint, so when I read that this soap had peppermint in it, bonus. The fact that the company is veteran owned, double bonus. And let's be honest, it looks sooo cool!

So Pretty!

Honestly, I have yet to use it as a soap dish because it's just too pretty. I'm actually considering using it as part of a 4th of July centerpiece for my dining room table...yep, it's that good looking. Should go perfect with BBQ and steak.

Great soap as always

I was eager to try this soap and it will not disappoint. I still prefer WBD as my first line, but this is becoming my second choice. As always, any soap Kbar makes is worth its weight in gold, even if it is black.

Megan & Mark

This sample pack was the perfect way to try out all of your scents to find our favorites to reorder! We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly we received the kit after placing the order.
You can tell quality and presentation of K Bar Soap Co is important after opening the box.
Each soap is individually packaged in its own mini zip lock with the ingredients listed.
I initially ordered this for my husband but as we all know there are some women who are known to steal their husbands razors, those same women will most likely be caught “borrowing” or trying other things brought into the house for their spouse.
So, I openly admit that I’ve been sneaking uses of each new bar he opens.
We both love that each bar contains all natural ingredients. So far his and my favorite on him is Cash Sales. His first use of it I immediately commented on how amazing it smelled. We have a few more to try before making that our favorite so stay tuned!

Overall we were pleased with this product and will defiantly be ordering more product from you all soon!

Lunch like a MAN!!

This ammo can is awesome. Once I saw it on the site, I said yep, gotta get that. It makes a great lunch box!! And a great way to show off that great K BAR SOAP CO logo. MERICA BABY!!

What the hell took me so long?!

Originally I bought this for main purpose of the scent. I LOVE fire watch and wanted to smell it more, though the day. I've never been into the beard oils and whatnot, but after the 1st use, I realized NOT using this is dumber than ISIS thinking they were going to beat MERICA!! My beard is soft and in charge!! And smells great. I get compliments all the time. And the unsolicited beard/face massages from my fiance is great too, cause she loves how soft my beard is now. In a nut shell, this chit ROCKS!!

Put down the bar soap and FRAG OUT!!!

This is hands down, best soap I've ever used. Easily cleans the days tyranny right off and leaves you feeling like freedom!! AND it's great for your hair and beard. Ever since my first FRAGGIN shower, it's the only thing I keep in my shower. No need for anything else. Beard is clean and soft. GREAT products

Salt Dog

My fiancé has been looking for something that will clear his beard up. I found kbarsoapco at a craft show and decided to try it out since nothing else worked. This was the best decision ever! All his dry skin is gone and his beard is healthy! I would recommend to anyone! I even enjoy using it! The smell is amazing!

Badass soap

What can I say except it works awesome after working on my Harley and washing my car. Gets the dirt and grime right off and smells great.
This Biker chick is hooked on another one of your soaps.

Great combo

2nd time buying this. Love it. The soap is awesome. And the soap dish is great...actually had to stop friends from walking out the house with it.

Repeat customer

Originally bought the first one for my son, whose going in the Navy.But I liked it so much it's now in my bathroom. So I ordered this one. Will order them for Presents too. Excellent product.

Freedom will never go out of style

Amazing pomade! I threw out my crappy gel after the first use, all natural is the way to go.

Nothing Compares

Best dry skin repair around!! Keep that knife hand strong!!

Great Soap!!

I heard your commercial on DV Radio, and knew I had to try it. I’m glad I did!! The soap is awesome, and I will definitely be ordering more!

Same awesome recipe

I love this soap. Its hard to wash with anything else

Good to Go

Best soap ever

Smells like late Friday night!

Love the smell and texture of the soap!

That’s what we were going for with this bar of all-natural freedom showering soap!
Awesome & Light

I loves that the pomade worked like pretty much any other gel or product but was very light and does not seem a greasy as other products! We definitely recommend for a more natural hold.

Thank you for giving our all-natural pomade a go! No reason to put chemicals in your hair just to keep it in place either!

Great addition to anyones shooting gear pile!

There's many different uses for this once the soap is gone, some folks even use it as a DOPP kit and take it with them!
Usa! Usa!

These guys rock! Buy buy buy!

No, you rock! Thanks for making the decision to shower with all-natural freedom!
Awesome Soap

Smells great, easy to hold onto, and doesn’t dry my skin out. I’ve thrown all other soaps away and only use K Bar soaps! Grab a grenade and shower with freedom!

You have seen the light! Thank you for ditching all others and sticking with our freedom soap!
It's a must have

Wish I ordered it with my sampler pack, but I remedied that when I came back for my 4 pack. Definitely a must have.

Nothing beats resting your bar of showering freedom on some MERICA when not in use to let it recharge!