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4 Pack

My go to soap, never a disappointment. Everytime I order it's always a quick ship!! Also soap leaves me feeling refreshed without the sticky feeling left like other soaps! Ditch the bar, grab a grenade! HOOAH!!

Another winner...

Pine-sol literally smells like what I imagined Cash Sales would smell like in my head before I had actually tried it for myself. A little less earthy, spice, smelling a little more straight crisp pine. It's what I think of when you say "woodsy. " basically, if you like the smell of Cash Sales (I'm very fond of it) and just wish it had some grit, get this! I hope it becomes a regular bar!

Nice addition to the grenade inventory!

To be honest, I was a tad skeptical about the new pin-sol grenade. I shouldn't have been because it met and exceeded my expectations! For me, it did as advertised it would and I would most definitely purchase one again. It didn't leave you feeling dry or still in need of a shower.

Great scent!

Love the citrus aroma of this soap! Lasts awhile too

Great Soap

This one of my favorites out of all the options. Well worth it and smells and feels great!

Please keep making this soap

I love the new pine soap and really hope it continues to get made, as it is as refreshing as napalm in am but with such a nice refreshing scent. Really love it and really hope you keep making this one permanently.

Best lip treatment ever!

Best lip treatment ever!
Since the soaps are pure quality, lasting and all they say they are and more I decided to try the "Lip Bomb".
No joke, it is the best lip therapy I have ever used.
We pride ourselves on what we place in our Operation Turbo "Boxes of Home" so after trying "Lip Bomb" it was a given it needed to go into the BOH we send to deployed Military and it does absolutely go into each care package we ship out.
Try it you won't be sorry!
Dyan Z Smith
Founder Operation Turbo

Never been cleaner!

I love this soap, it smalls great and has been wonderful for my skin! All that and i get to support a veteran owned company - im in!

Pull the trigger. Get the 6 pack.

I've tried 8 of there soaps now I think and there's really not a bad one in the bunch. My top 3 probably latherneck, Reveille, Chest candy!I like the sandlewood scent and just the composition of the bar, the way it feels on the skin is just top notch! My favorite scent just on smell is Reveille. Manly, energizing chocolate coffee, just very high on it. Chest candy I just wanted to show it some love, because I don't see a lot of chatter about it. Just perfect peppermint scent and the cool tingles on the skin, it's always a solid shower. Finished out with the classics napalm in the AM and WABD, also added in a High Speed Low Drag because it's one of the few I haven't tried at this point lol. Perfect option once you've tried a few, and found what you like, and maybe add on a new one.

Enough said.

It looks cool, it smells good, it holds your soap. What else could you ask for...

Works great every time!

The best story I have of this soap is from several years ago when I was fishing on the Mermanteau River in South Louisiana, close enough to the coast to see the Gulf of Mexico. My buddy was swarmed. I was laughing at him.

Mom didn't care for it (but at least she doesn't use a body wash)

Bought this and the 4th Battalion as a pre-Mother's Day gift, sadly she didn't care for it due to lack of lather and scent, as well as leaving her skin feeling sticky. She says that Dove (which we've used in our household for decades) is much more luxurious, so there's no arguing with Mom (perception = reality and all).

I ranked this as a three-star because I've ordered six-packs of frag on two previous orders, so I'm sold.

Hubby loved the grenade shape! Smells amazing!!!!

Moisturizing Lip Bomb
Diana Grigsby

Bought this for my husband, he likes it! Keeps his lips moist so even better when I give him a kiss. :)

Hubby loves it! Smells amazing!!

Smells amazing!!!!

Thumbs up!

Only on my first bar but it’s been really good soap so far. Does a good job of cleaning after long day of work and it doesn’t leave my skin all dried out. The scent isn’t very strong on my first bar, personally I don’t need a strong scented soap.


Great soap.will definitely be buying more.

4th Battalion Grenade Soap
Southern Life Forever

Fine soap products that leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized. Customer service is top notch and I enjoy spending my money to support our brave Veterans that hold American values. Lifetime customer to support this great business.

My husband loves this soap and it doesn’t dry him out so he loves it. He loves the smell and feels manly saying that since it’s a hand Grenade.

Soap dish

The soap dish is amazing I had one for me and my 11 year old son wanted one so I ordered him one too.

Salt Dog Grenade Soap
Thommie Retter
Love this soap

Salty Dog checks all of my boxes! Smells good and has enough grit/texture to get me clean quick. And because of the grit/texture, the girls don't like it and it lasts longer for the me! Winning!

To Hell with Dr. Squatch

One of the bros at my unit told me about K Bar soap, so I ordered to 6 pack O’Frag just to check it out. Couldn’t be happier with this soap! F*#k Dr. Squatch! K Bar soap is where it’s at. Y’all gained a long time customer for sure, and I’m happy to spread the word. I also love supporting veteran owned companies as much as I can. Maybe I’ll see y’all at a silkies hike in the future! Keep up the phenomenal work, we all appreciate it!

It’s the bomb.

Im a huge fan of this stuff. I never leave the house without it.

Whiskey and Leatherneck grenades

I have used Leatherneck in the past, and I’m currently using Whiskey and Bad Decisions grenade. The soap smells great, lasts a long time, and exfoliates my skin enough to keep me looking like a bonafide hard-charger. Ditch the bar and order you a grenade. Why? Because Chesty said so, and he’s the bottom line!

Best soap ever

Not overpowering and leaves you feeling clean without drying out your skin too much