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Best SSS around.

Stuff is fantastic! I feel my masculinity increase at least 10 percent every time I use it. Plus, I know I don't smell like ass before lunch...
Now for those whiney bitches that say it doesn't last long, I bet they don't either. I'm a marine, so clearly not THAT intelligent, but I found you don't need half the bar of kbar soap to get the job done, like ya do with that cheap, big box store garbage. A little goes a long way! (That's what my wife says too).
Another plus; this soap even makes my stank ass, 12 year old, pubic hair on his face, son smell good! He only stinks half the time now....
So, keep on keeping on!!!

Freedom and shower sex

Yeah, you read that right. First time using it was taking a shower with my wife. The lather and the scent was great and rinsed clean. Inhibitions were lost and the power of showering with freedom was orgasmic for both of us. Thanks Kbar. *Your results may vary. 👊


My husband is always going on amount missing the smell of spent powder, not enough time at the range, etc. He was so excited that I bought this candle! It really smells great and will be a staple in our house from now on.

Only 1 problem...

Trying to decide which 4 scents is difficult! My husband and I both love these soaps. They're natural, clean, smell great, and leave your skin soft and moisturized. (I love feeling soft and smooth and he likes not feeling dry and flaky all the time.) And they are much easier to hold than a commercial, rectangular bar. An added bonus is the great packaging they come in too. A lot of thought and care go into creating and shipping these items and the pride in what he does shows.

Soap for the Ladies

Love Love Love your ladies products & the scents!!!


Leaves my skin soft and very clean feeling. I like it and will definitely order again.

Top 6

Love the soap I will definitely be buying again. I work in a really dirty environment so the grit in some of the soap really helps get all the dirt and grease off

Frag shirt

Great looking shirt, good material and very soft, best of all it’s made in USA 🇺🇸


Got some whiskey and bad decisions and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The wife can’t keep her hands off me and my beard now.

Love this stuff

My husband is an HVAC tech and this stuff has let him be able to not scrub as hard when he gets stuff like silicone and pipe dope on him. He’s also one to break out and it seems he’s not doing that as bad either. I’ve been using it also and my skin is so soft. I would 100% recommend this soap I love it so much

Great product!

This soap great! Figured I'd give it a try and it didn't disappoint! You feel very clean, more than I do using old spice body wash, and it smells great in my opinion. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed


Great hat. It’s comfortable and goes with everything. I have received a lot of compliments on it. Great quality and fast shipping.

Really that much better

This makes other soaps cry liberal tears

Freedom smells great

I buy the Six Pack o Frag so that i can stay stocked up. Some people stock up on weapons, I stock up on freedom. but seriously. buy it, you'll like it., No YOURE GONNA LIKE IT. LOL.

Whiskey and bad decisions is not a "bad decision"

Whiskey and Bad Decisions has become a personal favorite the rich lather, gentle on my skin with a delicious scent! If you haven't tried K Bar Soap Co products yet you are truly missing out.

What are you waiting for......go to and get yourself feeling and smelling great!

Scent Nuke In The Shower

What can I say, I can't go back to store soap any more. Can't wait to see if they come out with shampoo!

Great soap 10/10

I will NEVER buy another soap company’s product. There is such a large variation between their scents that it will never get old.

Scrub them balls

Just finishing up High Speed Low Drag from a 4 pack o frag. Love it, it has a great scent and I dig the charcoal aspect of it. Great for the scrotum after PT.

Bars last so much longer than the squatch not to mention it doesn't take 3 weeks to get your order.

Leatherneck+whiskey & bad decisions

The soap itself is great it does its job and dose not dry out my skin at all which is awesome because most soaps do. As far as scents go Im still on the fence about it and is why I'm only giving 4 stars. Leatherneck dosent really give off a sandlewood scent but I wouldn't say it's bad either. Whiskey and bad decisions was kinda disappointing for me as i really dont smell anything out of the box but iv yet to use it so we shall see. The soap saver is absoulty beautiful tho. Ill for sure be a return customer Just gotta find the right scent I suppose

Was looking for a more natural soap

Was looking for a more natural soap when I came across this site. Really appreciate the natural ingredients without all the perfumes and chemicals. The exfoliating soap is refreshing to start your day off and the scents are great!!!

my wife loves the scent

I lite this up in my home office for a couple of minutes and the soft scent lasts for hours. I like it and best of all my bride who is very sensitive to many after shaves and perfumes asked if I’d order more of this candle.

Fu*k them bugs!

The soap has good texture feels excellent scrubbing the grime off your body. Smells great, reminds me of camping!

Just not worth the money

I read reviews before buying they all said good things. The wife an myself weren’t impressed with the fragrance. It hasn’t done much else so far. Other than it feels like natural soap if that makes sense. Didn’t last long

New customer

Didn’t really like the smell