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So far so good!!!,

The bar I am finishing up was great,and about to try the saltdog,salt dog,,use from head to toe, even on my beard,oops like I won't be buying anything else for my shower for a while!! Best thing I've tried ever,!!

Good product

My son doesn’t really care for the scent but the oil is great. Will be trying another scent. Particularly impressed with the time we ordered until the time received. Very quick.

Awesome stuff

This pomade is fantastic, great hold, great shine, a light fragrance that is basically the sum of the 4 ingredients in this stuff, and right after you apply it a bald eagle will literally give you a high five..... Greatest pomade ever!!!

Super soap.

Use to shower daily and instead of shaving cream. Makes a close shave easy!

So Fresh and so clean CLEAN

Whiskey & Bad Decisions was a knock out of the park from the first wash. The scent is the man of all mans smell I must say. Talk about wanna shower more than twice a day because this soap is the shizznit! I have Cash Sales on standby and when I know I need a quick money bath to make that overtime at work aka scrilla that comes in handy. The grenade style is awesome for these bear paws so none of this see on TV dropping the soap status 🤣. I can’t wait to try the rest. Lastly the cedar American Flag Soap dish is just fitting. Merica everywhere even in my shower! Thanks for the clean man bod folks!

American Badass

Awesome soap!! Lasts long, lathers great, smells good and rinses off thuroghly leaving me squeaky clean.

Napalm in the morning

My wife loves this soap. We are delightfully surprised. This was or second order.

Great combo!

Grabbed this dish with some Ricky Recon. This dish does just what it claims to do: keep those grenades fresh and ready to continue the job of scrubbing off the days muck and grime! And no matter what scent soap you grab, it will be well worth it!!

Best soap ever

Kbar soap is the absolute best soap out there. Never have I felt so clean! When you shower with freedom daily it washes away all the grime of a rough day and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Keep on doing what you do Kbarsoapco!
Grab yourselves a grenade and ditch all the other bodywashes and crappy soaps. You'll be happy and your body will too!

Best soap ever

Ka Bar soap company is unmatched in quality product and excellent customer service! I have had several purchases from them and each time they have exceeded expectations.

Great for Camping!

I love using F*ck Bugs soap when I go camping. Tried it on a trip once and haven't gone back since. Leaves your skin feeling great and you don't feel like you're caked in bug spray. This stuff really works to keep the bugs away, 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Chapped or cracked, this will fix it!!!

Works like a charm, love it!!!

Switched him from Squatch

I switched my husband and so far so good. The grenade bar last so much long than the other guys. The scent is great and not overpowering. Semper fi!

Damn Good Stuff

This is my second order from KBARSOAP. I bought a six pack o frag. At 53 years old, I've been an Irish Spring kind of guy. It's just how it is, but I decided a couple months ago to give this a try and I'm a convert. Not only does this soap smell good, it really is very good stuff. I've fought acne for most of my life. I used Irish Spring because it agreed with my skin. This stuff is actually better. And to those guys who whine about the names, man up. Lol

Super Soap

This is the best soap that I have ever used. It has cleared up some skin irritation that I have fought for years. It cuts dirt like a ninja slicing fruit. It smells incredible without being perfumey. It also last longer than normal bar soap.

What freedom smells like.

When you think of freedom Whiskey and Bad decisions is what it smells like. By far the best smelling soap I have ever used. You will not be disappointed with you “decision” to buy any KBar product. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

NEVER disappointed

I like getting this 4 pack to try several different soaps at a better than buying individual

Hands down beats anything else

The scent is great, my girl loves it and helps keep my beard manageable and soft and smelling like motivation.

Enough soap to last a month

Ricky Recon has allowed me to shower with a soap that supports a fellow Marine and gives me that fresh, ready for inspection clean without smelling like a bunch of flowers. Keep on making the best soap on the market!

Your new go to hat!

Pulled this out of the box and BAM!! Fit was spot on and it felt like my old Game hat I used to wear back in the day! If you want a hat that lets all the folks know you shower with Freedom, snag one today!!! You won’t be sorry!!!

Citrus in the AM

Great morning soap. I love the orange scent that it bleeds. Scrubs nice too.


This is a awesome soap bigger bars than the other place much faster receiving it I think 72 hrs after ordering good heavy lather just wish they had more smells

Great stuff!

Excellent soap with subtle, pleasant scents.

Love it

I really am loving the soaps. The smells are great and I actually can still smell them after I’m done washing. The bars are lasting long than the other brand I tried as well. I will purchase again.

All Purpose Wooden Comb
Douglas Warner

Fits nicely in pocket and is great for the quick comb through. Very sturdy. This thing won't bend or break!