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Best soap

Chesty would be proud of whisky and bad decisions. Soap is outfucking standing. Will definitely be ordering more.

Moisturizing Lip Bomb
Jimmy Carreon
It’s the bomb

Amazing lip bomb. If the people in Hiroshima would have had this product they wouldn’t have had chapped lips.

Got Your Six Pack O’Frag
Charles Williams
Great soap

I know I've said this before. I'm going to say it again. Used to use another soap maker so I purchased one of the trial sets to see how well I would like it. Since then I've ordered 1 frag pack with 4 bars and I've also purchased 2 - 6 bar frag packs. I love the soap and will never use another. I also like the fact that is veteran owned and operated

Don't normally use stuff like this

I don't normally use products like the knife hand rehab. I recently notice my forearms were getting dry and ashy. So I decided to give it a shot. Since I've start using the hand rehab I've had fewer issues and my skin doesn't itch like it does when my skin dry out

4 Pack O’Frag Grenade Soap
Elizabeth Schmucker
Ricky Recon

Best soap ever for my sensitive skin. “Shower with freedom!”

Got Your Six Pack O’Frag
Stefanie Amezcua
Best soap!

My husband loves this soap! It has the perfect balance for his skin. I usually order 2, 6packs, to make sure he doesn’t run out.


What's it like washing with this soap? Imagine Teddy Roosevelt riding a Kodiak bear into battle while crushing a sixer of Natty, pulling on a fat stogie, and 6 guns a blazin. Washing with this soap will get your freedom boner so hard, you can fight insurgents with it.
This is America's soap.


Second candle I've grabbed, did not disappoint.

This stuff is awesome!

I wont use any major store bought brands from now on. Quality just like the soap!

New favorite

The lavender and oatmeal is going to be my new go to. I really enjoy the scent.

Best Soap Ever

I've scrubbed my skin with whatever soaps I could find. Cheap soap, expensive soap, bars of soap, even puffy loofa body wash but this right here is where I stopped looking. Nothing cleans like Salt Dog

Fu*k Bug

Wonderful! It really works. My husband has been using this soap since it was available . He uses it everyday and he swears by it. I also gave one as a gift and they love it.

It's the Goldilocks of Coffee Soap Bar's

The Reveille Grenade Soap Smells Like Chocolate it reminds me of Chocolate Milk No other Coffee Soap Bar Will ever beat Reveille Grenade Soap by K bar Soap Company
Don't not Change anything about the New and inproved Reveille
It's the Goldilocks of Coffee Soap Bar's
It's the Best Lathering Soap Bar by K Bar Soap Company

Absolutely Love this soap

I’ve only opened cash sales so far. Beyond my expectations, feel much cleaner, scent is strong but not overpowering. I shower 2 , 3 times a day bar has lasted an entire week. I’ll definitely be ordering more KBar soap.

Best soap hands down

Been a long time customer and can honestly say I don’t feel clean unless I’m showering with Freedom. Leaves skin feeling refreshed after working outside all day.

Great value and product

I have gotten both the sample pack and some of the grenades. Although they are both great soaps, I prefer the sample size. As a bar the sample size is perfect, fits in my soap area better and last long enough to show value as well as a great product.

Awesome Product

Not only have I come back to purchase again I now know I love it! This lasts me and my family far more than the conservative estimate and the exfoliate factor knocks out all other contenders at a cheaper price!

Would buy more as soon as needed, grenades greatly impact soap grip throughout it's lifespan! Awesome stuff share with anyone on subject.

Firewatch- mild cinnamon smokey like
Whiskey- like a cherry jollyrancher just wow awesome
Reveille- could not impress more the citrus love.
Opha Mae- Wife's grenade, she asks for more, say that's outstanding.

So Clean! Favorite Soap!

I hadn’t been able to find a body soap where I truly felt clean and liked the smell. After using this a few days, I fell in love. My skin feels so clean and refreshed and there are no harsh chemicals. I recommend this soap for women and overall the brand to my friends and family. I have never felt so clean with body wash before. Let alone we love the company.

Swamp ass ain't got nothing on KBar Soap!

I am a woodworker and I have a small shop in North Carolina. For more than a month, it's been in the 90's with himidity in the 70-90% range daily. Not only does Salt Dog keep the grit and grime from woodworking away, but it keeps my skin clean in spite of the constant onslaught from heat and sweat in these temperatures. Thanks to KBar Soap, I no longer have to fear swamp ass!

Napalm in the AM

Clean fresh scent bar last super long quick service and delivery !!!

Best Soap Period.

This is my 4th order (I think) from these guys and I will never buy from anybody else. From the customer service, to quick shipping, to amazing products, they are on point. I'm a big fan of trying to get away from the chemical filled crap that is sold everywhere these days and I'm a BIGGER fan of supporting veteran-owned and operated businesses. If you are thinking about trying some, do it. The bars are huge and last forever and they smell amazing.

Semper Fi!!


One of my favorite soaps. Leaves me smelling like a bas ass santa.


Amazing soap that smells great! I’m a machinist and it cleans the daily grit with east and is also great on my beard. Highly recommend!

Great Soap!

I love this soap! I have ordered the Six Pack several times now. I started out buying them one by one, but found that for me the Six Pack makes more sense. The soap keeps my skin softer and more hydrated than anything else I have ever used. I will keep ordering this until I can't operate a computer any longer. 'Merica!


I originally ordered soap for my boyfriend and I fell in love with them! I buy it for me!