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Fits the bill

I got this comb for my brother, and his beard can best be summarized as an amalgamation of Abraham Lincoln's and Gandalf the Grey's beards.

His dinky plastic comb made by communists in China wasn't strong enough for his face grown patriotism.

Unlike his other little purple plastic comb, K Bar's WOODEN comb is made with FREEDOM, and made out of the stacked bodies of mother nature, f*ck yeah!


This will likely go down as one of the best reviews ever...

High quality decal.

Works great

Stuff is awesome.

My husband absolutely loves this comb for his beard! Can't get much better than that!

This set is absolutely awesome! The cedar smells amazing and that grenade is just awesome!

My favorite soap!!

This soap, high speed, low drag, is my personal favorite of all the Kbar soap line. Take my word for it... you will not be disappointed!

Salt Dog

I loved the soap. It was better than I expected. I'm ordering more today!

Exactly the response we love to get!
Beard oil

The wife loves the smell. And it gives life to my old gray beard!

Glad we were able to help revive that distinguished beard!
Beard grease

This stuff worked into your beard, smooths out the ruff edges and holds it in place. And the smell my wife can't get enough of!

Brownie points are never a bad thing!
Glad I am using this soap

I was using Dr Squatch and made a switch to Kbar. My first impression was this is a little more expensive then Dr Squatch. But well worth the money the scents are more manly and easier to hang on to the soap. So happy I am switching. Thanks Kevin. Hellbound nation!

Thanks for giving us a shot, we’re happy to have you!
Great stuff

I got the whiskey and bad decisions beard grease. This stuff is awesome. It smells good and makes my beard look good
If you use it correctly it will leave your beard nice and soft compared to others that leave it greasy. I cant wait to try out the other scents.

We’re happy the grease Is working out for your beard! Thanks for trying it out!

Another great product!

Thanks Michael. Hope you like the larger size, it should last you for a bit!
not yet

I haven't opened my shipment yet but will soon. going on a motorcycle trip to Colorado for ten days & plan to use the soap then. an acquaintance gave me a couple of grenades a while back & I really liked the soap. I anticipate i'll be quite satisfied with the sampler pack!!

We hope they travel well and come in handy on your ride! Enjoy!
Imagine that!? No F-ing bugs!

When I first opened the packaging, I was blasted with the overpowering smell of eucalyptus and wasn't sure about this one. I didn't want to be walking around smelling like a giant eucalyptus plant... but, that's not the case at all.

Not only does Fu*ck Bugs leave you feeling fresh and clean, this actually works too! I've always been a mosquito magnet - not anymore! Now I can go back to just swatting away the ladies instead of worrying about those damn bugs. Thanks K-Bar!

Nice! Glad to hear the soap had multiple benefits!
Doc like's

Bravo Zulu guys....well done. Promo is sharp and you are dialed in on the customer base you are looking for (me and my grown sons/their wife's). Growing that customer base is the key to success and one I thinking you are tracking towards.

If I might suggest and this is not a knock but something that will hold me back from staying stocked up in all of your products and that's price. I know its a hard balance to find and your tracking but not there. I'd suggest increasing the size/volumes of everything (except the grenade soap) and keep hammering away with discounts. That will have me ordering more and like I did this time, increasing my overall order size to calf-off portions for gifts etc.

The chic side of your customer base I'd lean into hard as well. My 30ish year old sons wife's liked what the boys got and wondered why there wasn't more selections on webpage for them!!...... I'll drop that in your laps now.

As far as the scents/oils guys are in the money. Website is easy to move around in, clean cut and high speed. Even coming back at me with this survey is sharp business. Overall I think you've hit pay dirt.....

Very best of luck and I'll be back.....hooah
Doc D

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate your support!
Great product

I've been using the grenade soap for about 3 months now and I won't be going back to anything else. The F**k bugs is a must have for spring/summer. I usually get ate up by bugs but I've had maybe one or two bites all summer long (45ish days). Highly recommend these soaps to anyone looking for great scents and a great feeling of being clean and supporting veterans moving forward. Love this stuff.

Glad to hear you've found some great showering Freedom!
Blue pill for my face grass

The "Napalm in the AM" beard grease smells great, and keeps my face shrubbery in check.

Keep up the good work, K-Bar.

We appreciate your support!

The Fukbug soap is my go to soap for now!


Love the napalm beard oil!

Glad to hear it!
Knife & Hand

Man this stuff is great for hands, elbows and feet!

Thanks for the feedback!
soap so good I have to hide it from my wife

So this is my second order of soap in a short period because my wife keeps stealing it cause it smells and works so good. The mildly abrasive properties makes it great for exfoliating and getting clean. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Sharing is caring ;) Nice to hear you are both enjoying some showering Freedom!
Great product

So pleased with my order from KBar. Great gift for men. Love the names of the soap!

Glad you were satisfied! We love naming our products as a nod to the country we love!
Get it!!

Get this soap, it wont dissapoint one bit!

We appreciate the feedback!

Awesome soap, even more awesome customer service! Freedom on!

Another great product

The beard oil goes great with the grease. My goatee is now contained and extremely soft!

That's what we like to hear!