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Chaos Grenade Soap with dog tag
Chaos Grenade Soap close-up
Chaos Grenade Soap in tactical pouch

Chaos Grenade Soap

Regular price $12.97

Chaos Limited Edition Soap is back while supplies last! 

If you like some extra bang in your shower, this one is CLP for the skin and smells as close to it as we could derive all-naturally. Keep your skin clean and well prepared for whatever’s out there. Clean, Lubricate, and Protect.

Handmade in our soap grenade mold, our soap won't dry you out like the competition and in our head to head (er...body to body) tests, we proved ours lasted longer too. 

All-natural and American made by a Veteran owned and operated company. What more could you want from your men's soap?

Our Chaos Soap Grenade has got your back. 

Weight: 7.62oz of Showering Freedom 

Ingredients: saponification of olive, Palm, and canola oils, Shea butter, walnut powder, essential oil for fragrance. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 510 reviews
Gary Svenningsen
First time user

Tried kbar soap for the first time about a month ago I got a sampler and now I’m hooked ordered a six pack on Friday afternoon and was at my house Monday Best soap out there.

Johnny Dice
6 pack

Zero complaints. 6 pack was better than the 4

Andrew Zimmermann
Top notch customer service

Not only is the soap amazing, a hand signed and addressed post card was a cherry on top.

Michelle Adams
My Husband’s Favorite!

My husband is so excited when his monthly autoship arrives! It’s the best soap he’s ever used, and he never wants to run out.

Rob M
Salty dog 👍👍👍

Awesome one! Smells great in its own way, like Napalm in the am

Wesley Offenheiser

Great soap