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Chaos Grenade Soap with dog tag
Chaos Grenade Soap close-up
Chaos Grenade Soap in tactical pouch

Chaos Grenade Soap

Regular price $12.97

Chaos Limited Edition Soap is back while supplies last! 

If you like some extra bang in your shower, this one is CLP for the skin and smells as close to it as we could derive all-naturally. Keep your skin clean and well prepared for whatever’s out there. Clean, Lubricate, and Protect.

Handmade in our soap grenade mold, our soap won't dry you out like the competition and in our head to head (er...body to body) tests, we proved ours lasted longer too. 

All-natural and American made by a Veteran owned and operated company. What more could you want from your men's soap?

Our Chaos Soap Grenade has got your back. 

Weight: 7.62oz of Showering Freedom 

Ingredients: saponification of olive, Palm, and canola oils, Shea butter, walnut powder, essential oil for fragrance. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 546 reviews
Great soap

This soap is great leaves me with a fresh clean feeling. Truly the most amazing soap I have ever used. The best part is this company is veteran owned and not woke.

Jesse James
K Bay All Day

This has become one of my go to soaps in my rotation. It's silky and smooth like the cadence of a good senior D.I. on final parade.
If you're looking for a soap that is all natural, made in America, and gets delivered to your mailbox by a bald eagle, this is the fucking jam! Washing with this soap gets my freedom boner so hard, I could fight insurgents with it. America

God speed to insurgents if they catch you in the shower. They gonna learn.

Allen Yenni
Not my fav

Didn't car for the smell and the grit is a little to much. Lathers good just not a fan of the smell. Smells like burnt oranges and plastics.

Thanks for giving us a go, natural scents are a bit different and everyone is a bit different when it comes to how they are interpreted, plastic is a new one though considering this is as natural of a bar as you'll likely ever use.

Allen Yenni
Not a fan

Not a fan of the scent or the grit.

Well, we sure hate you didn't like it. That grit is a bit to get used to, and everyone's sniffer is different. Thanks for giving us a shot.

John Hoyt
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Soap

I enjoy using the soap very much. The smell is great and I always feel refreshed Agee showering

It's all about feeling refreshed and clean, another reason to shower with Freedom! Thank you for your support!

Repeat customer

Have used these soaps for 3+ years and I am very satisfied. The scents are great and lo-ket and the bars last a long time!

Thank you for sticking with us for 3 years! That's great! Happy you found some stuff you love!