The K Bar Soap Company name came naturally to us from time spent in the Marine Corps.  All scent names are based on sayings or concepts that were introduced during that period of my life; names that will resonate throughout not only the Veteran community, but with all Freedom loving Patriots of the world.  It was our goal to bring these bars to life and give each their own personality, not just scents.  The scents were created to have a broad appeal; we are sure you can find one of ours to love.   

It is our goal to give back to the Veteran community, and to one day be big enough in order to be able to employ, empower, and inspire Veterans across this great American land we like to call home. I envision hiring Veterans, teaching them the craft of cold-process soap making and continue to make all of our products in small batches to ensure a high quality standard. 

It's time to abandon the idea of using cheap, mainstream bar soap and get your hands on an all-natural grenade of showering freedom to treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated.  Cold-processed soaps naturally produce glycerin, which is typically removed from store-bought soaps to be utilized in other more profitable areas.  Glycerin is a great moisturizer that is left in cold process handmade soap but is replaced with chemicals in store-bought soap that can oftentimes dry out skin and leave you feeling dry and flaky.  If you haven't tried an all-natural bar of soap, you should start now and feel the difference, even if its not one of ours. We strongly believe once you abandon the idea of getting your soap from a department store that you will be highly pleased with the results.

When you purchase a bar from us, you will be getting a superior and all-natural product that will not disappoint. The K Bar Soap Company has worked hard to differentiate itself from other players in this space, and it is an experience you will not soon forget. We set out to create a long-lasting premium bar soap with all-natural ingredients because we believe everyone should get back to the basics and Make Showering Great Again.  We hope you are absolutely thrilled with the performance of our product and how long it lasts, and allow us the opportunity to be your primary soap supplier.

Our promise: To continue to make high quality, all-natural products in small batches using the best ingredients and support the Veteran community as much as possible along the way.

We hope you make the decision to Ditch the Bar, Grab a Grenade and realize for yourself what a shower free from chemicals can feel like, it'll change your life.   

Semper Fi,


Want the inside scoop about KBSC? Check out the video below to learn the inspiration behind the company, products, and why we love what we do!