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6 bars of natural soap stacked outside on deck
6 bars of natural soap stacked outside
6 bars of natural soap angled outside
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Soap
K Bar Cash Sales Soap Bar in black packaging with logo
K Bar Reveille Soap Bar in black packaging with logo
K Bar Firewatch Soap Bar in black packaging with logo
K Bar Napalm in the AM Soap Bar in black packaging with logo
K Bar Opha Mae Soap Bar in black packaging with logo

Got Your Six Natural Soap Pack

Regular price $56.00 Sale price $45.95

They're baaaaaack!  and now 25% larger!  Even more Showering Freedom for your buck...

With the same recipe as their Grenade Soap big brothers, this soap set features 6 of our top scents all in one convenient and cost-effective package.

You’ll receive 6 bars total of each (1 of each 6 oz bar) of the following scents: Whiskey and Bad Decisions, Napalm in AM, Reveille, Cash Sales, Firewatch, and Opha Mae. Full ingredient list and descriptions are located on the full sized Frag soap product pages for each respective scent. 

Each bar is individually packaged and a great option for you to grab up before you commit to a soap grenade. 

This K Bar Soap Co set of six bars makes a great gift, or starter set, for the ultimate showering with Freedom experience.  

Always all-natural ingredients, handmade in the USA by a Veteran owned and operated company. 

Whiskey and Bad Decisions - sweet vanilla with a hint of whiskey

Napalm in Am - citrus

Cash Sales - woodsy

Reveille - “manly” coffee, chocolate, sandalwood

Firewatch - cedarwood

Opha Mae - Lavender



Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Craig Armstrong
Best Soap Period.

This is my 4th order (I think) from these guys and I will never buy from anybody else. From the customer service, to quick shipping, to amazing products, they are on point. I'm a big fan of trying to get away from the chemical filled crap that is sold everywhere these days and I'm a BIGGER fan of supporting veteran-owned and operated businesses. If you are thinking about trying some, do it. The bars are huge and last forever and they smell amazing.

Semper Fi!!

Rob M
Love it!

So far, I’ve used the Whiskey and bad decisions. It’s pretty incredible. Looking forward to using the other 5 more!

Christine Miller
Love this soap

It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft!

Andrew Peters
Awesome smelling soap

I just got "Got Your Six". They all smell awesome. I thought I'd try Napalm in the AM first when I ordered, but dropped Cash Sales into my soap pouch first. It just smelled so good. The soap makes my skin feel amazing and the bathroom smell great too. I can wait to try the other aromas!

Matthew Byington
Great job

Very very satisfied with everything, Great products, personal touch on packaging. Top quality product!! From a veteran owned company!! Outstanding!!

Scott Sanford

i like it but scent wears off too soon!