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Whiskey & Bad Decisions Solid Cologne tin open
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Solid Cologne tin sitting on soap bars
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Solid Cologne tin balanced on soap bars

Whiskey & Bad Decisions Solid Cologne

Regular price $24.97

You already love the scent of our top selling Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap, now you can smell that way, naturally, all day long!

No need for chemicals to mask your man funk, do it the au-natural way with our solid cologne.

Each 2oz tin of solid cologne will last you longer than you would think, you’ll see after using it the first time. It’s super thick and you only need a little. This isn't like those middle school days when you doused yourself in half a bottle of cologne.

Minimal all-natural ingredients used to make our American-made solid cologne. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

Each tin contains 2oz by weight of smell good Freedom. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Deven Payne
It was underwhelming...

Don't get me wrong it's a pleasant enough vanilla-esche smell, it just wasn't what I was hoping for compared to the WABD grenade.

Oneil Caron
She loves it.

The title sums it up. 5 stars.

Not for me

To me, it smells like christmas air freshener when I put it on, and softens to something that smells like old spice. It's not my thing.

The shipping was quick, I'm glad I gave it a try.

Allen Edwards
Whiskey and Bad Decisions Cologne

This is some great cologne! The smell is great and smells very similar to the soap. I little bit goes a long way and the smell lasts a good amount of time. I highly recommend!

Matthew Turschmann
Buy this, smell good, full stop.

Bought this on a whim just to get the free shipping (yeah, I'm cheap, what of it). I pretty much never wear cologne, so I was quite surprised when I found myself putting this on at least once a day (sometimes I throw on a little more on lunch break). It's also been 2 weeks and I can't even tell any is gone, so it's gonna last a long time.

Randy O’Donnell
Whiskey and bad decisions was a great decision

I wear this stuff all day and apply it as often as I like without it over powering you. Every women that has smelled it asks what it is and where did I get it.