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Flame On Ol' Smokey Candle Open on Wood Background
Flame On Ol' Smokey Candle Front View on Wood Background

Ol’ Smokey Cherry Tobacco Pipe Scent Candle

Regular price $19.97

For the first time, we're introducing the Ol’ Smokey from Flame On Candle Co.

This candle is one of our personal favorites with a smell that takes you back in time. The Ol' Smokey candle is all cherry tobacco and smells like that pipe your grandfather used to smoke on the back porch in the good old days.

It's nothing but some of the sweetest smelling cherry tobacco you’ve ever smelled before in this timeless scent. 

When you're looking for a manly scented candle, we have you covered with our Flame On Candle Co. candle scents. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rand C

Second candle I've grabbed, did not disappoint.

Eileen Acosta
Notes From The Old Lady

First time ordering a candle. This is a nice scent. I have not lit it yet. Took the top off, put it on my dresser. A delightful, mild tobacco scent diffuses several feet. Recommend this one.

Jeremy Kasperek
Great candle

Absolutely amazing candle, my fiancee and I can't stop using at night or when my dog decides to have an accident haha. Only downside is the size/price, candle could be another 0z or two.

Stephen Krulin
my wife loves the scent

I lite this up in my home office for a couple of minutes and the soft scent lasts for hours. I like it and best of all my bride who is very sensitive to many after shaves and perfumes asked if I’d order more of this candle.

Jeremiah H.
Ol' Smokey Candle

Great, classic scent. Sweet cherry scent a bit stronger out of the box then it all comes together when burning. Balanced enough to use indoors in a house of non-smokers. Also looks perfect sitting on a fireplace mantel. We plan on buying again.

Jim Gorman
Best damn candle ever,

Calms me down,