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Flame On Ol’ Smokey Cherry Tobacco Candle
Flame On Ol' Smokey Candle Open on Wood Background

Flame On Ol’ Smokey Cherry Tobacco Candle

For the first time, we're introducing the Ol’ Smokey from Flame On Candle Co.

This candle is one of our personal favorites with a smell that takes you back in time. The Ol' Smokey candle is all cherry tobacco and smells like that pipe your grandfather used to smoke on the back porch in the good old days.

It's nothing but some of the sweetest smelling cherry tobacco you’ve ever smelled before in this timeless scent. 

When you're looking for a manly scented candle, we have you covered with our Flame On Candle Co. candle scents. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Scotch Pine

My Favorite - awesome scent all year long!

Year long pine scent is where it's at, thank you for your support of Flame on Candle Co!

Diana Grigsby
Hubby loves it! Smells amazing!!

Smells amazing!!!!

David B.
Excellent scent

I absolutely love the way this smells. Brings back some memories. Will definitely buy this one again! Excited to try the others as well

Chris R
Nostalgic Scent

This candle reminds me of my grandfather. He never smoked tobacco during my life time, but always kept tobacco around because he liked the scent of it. Brings back memories of him.

Jarrod Cray
Great Memories

Brings back good memories of my Grandpa

Rand C.

Second candle I've grabbed, did not disappoint.