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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you say your products are all-natural, what do you mean?

We use only the finest colorants and scents that are plant derived and found in nature.  No man-made ingredients or synthetic colorants, scents etc. are used in any of our products, period.  

Do you make everything yourself?

Yes, everything is made from my home in Clover, SC.  We have converted parts of the house into a dedicated manufacturing site and pack out facility.  We make every all-natural item we sell with our own two hands. Nothing is outsourced and we aim to keep it that way, and hiring Veterans to scale production in the future as needed. It’s our goal to teach them the art and keep moving forward.

What do your Grenade Soaps weigh?

Our molds are designed to create a bar of grenade showering freedom that weighs specifically 7.62oz, for reasons that would be obvious to a service member, but maybe not so obvious to others. 7.62 is the caliber of the weapon of choice for many of our adversaries overseas, the AK-47.  Please keep in mind it is our goal to maintain this weight as close as possible, but every bar is completely handmade and may fluctuate a little bit either up or down.


What is the process you use for making your soap?

All of our soap is produced using the cold-process of soap making. Saponification is the chemical reaction that comes from mixing Lye into the base oils, which creates soap.  

 How long does it take you to make soap?

Typically, it doesn’t take long to make the soap and get it into the mold, or remove it from the mold 24 hours later. It’s the five week curing time that’s the most time consuming, but it is imperative in the process and must occur before soap is ready to package and ultimately end up in your shower.

Do you have any bars that do not have any exfoliant?

Ricky Recon, Chest Candy, Cash Sales, and High-Speed Low Drag all contain no exfoliants and are highly nourishing bars.  

What bar contains the most exfoliant for the dirtiest job?

Pound for pound, Salt Dog has the most exfoliant in it, hands down.  It’s prepped to scrub anything you can throw at it.

Store-bought soap seems to leave my skin feeling tight and dry; will yours do the same?

One of the primary benefits of using all-natural handmade soap is that it contains glycerin.  This is a natural byproduct of cold-process soap making. Mainstream soap makers remove this and replace it with synthetic ingredients that often cause unnecessary drying of your skin.  They intentionally cause this effect, so you think you need to buy other more expensive products to keep your skin moisturized. This is not the case with our products.

Some of the scents of your bars don’t seem as strong as the Irish Spring I’m used to, why is that?

Mainstream bars tend to use perfumes and synthetic fragrances that are overpowering and smell a lot stronger than the essential oils we use in our products.  It will take some time for your nose to re-adjust to the cleaner, crisper, lighter scent, but it will happen. Plus, you get the additional benefits that come with essential oil therapy in small doses every time you shower.

Is your soap safe for use on kids?

We have many customers that purchase this soap for their kids to make bathing great again.  While all of our ingredients are all-natural, some may have potential allergic reactions to some of the ingredients, even though they are from the earth.  Please read ingredients on each soap listing.

My grenade bar of soap didn’t last as long as I expected, am I using it right?

Since all of our soap is all-natural, if it is left to sit in water, it will start to melt away, shortening it’s life.  The secret to getting the most life out of your bar is to let it completely dry out between uses on a MERICA Soap Dish. Resting your bar on this will allow for proper drying of the underneath side of the bar, greatly extending the number of showers you get from your 7.62oz of freedom grenade soap. We even offer a Freedom Showering Starter Set to get you started with an all-natural grenade and soap dish combo!

Do you have any soap for women?

It is our plan to make a few bars for those hard charging females out there, but we aren’t quite there yet.  We have Opha Mae, which is the one that we made specifically for women that is packed with lavender and oatmeal.  We are in R&D for the right bars for women to add to the lineup, and are looking to have a couple additional options in early 2020.    

Why do I need Beard Oil?

Anytime you shower and scrub your beard, it will strip the oils out of your hair (FYI - much less stripping occurs if you use our soap to scrub it with).  This stripping of oils causes the hair to become brittle and coarse. Beard Oil is an all-natural way to replace these oils in this hair and assist in keeping it softer and all-around healthier.

How do I use Beard Oil?

We use a pump applicator on all of our beard oil products that makes it a lot easier to use, and will prevent spilling this liquid gold accidentally, like with dropper applications.  Depending on the size of your beard, usually anywhere from 2-5 pumps will work. Pump the desired amount in your hand, rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil, then work it into your beard from root to tip.  The purpose of oil is to make it down to the skin to re-moisturize and condition this area to promote growth, softness, and sheen. Then, comb out and reshape.

 What’s Beard Grease?

Beard Grease isn’t a balm, or a butter, it’s grease for your face mane.  Men shouldn’t use butter for anything but cooking, plain and simple. Our grease provides the perfect sweet spot of moisturizing while providing a light hold and the ability to shape and tame stray hairs.  


How do I use Beard Grease?

First, run your fingernail backwards into the tin and scrape off the desired amount based on beard size.  Trial and error here, but it doesn’t take much. Place it into the palm of your hand, and rub your palms together vigorously until the grease fully emulsifies, or melts.  Apply to beard working from underneath, root to tip, and evenly distribute. Then, comb out and shape.

Is Knife Hand Rehab just for hands?

While it was made for dry and cracked hand repair, its uses are so vast we haven’t explored them all yet.  Anywhere you have any dry skin that needs a little attention, this stuff will work. Chapped skin around your nose when you’re sick, this stuff will help.  Ashy knees and elbows, boom! Knife Hand Rehab to the rescue. Good to have on hand for all those as-needed instances. Still all-natural just like everything else.  


Why a wooden comb?

Wooden combs are anti-static in nature and will absorb the product you are using, providing for a more even distribution.  Wooden combs will not gum up like their cheaper plastic counterparts. Plus, our Frag-Out Beard Combs are all custom, laser cut, pure aromatic cedar.  They smell like the forest in a tin. Nothing out there compares.

Do you ship to APO addresses?

Absolutely, we do this all the time.  

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, however, the shipping costs associated with doing so can get quite expensive for just a couple of smaller products. If you are interested, maybe you can find some friends to go in with you and make a bulk order to assist with the cost.  We are looking into more affordable ways to make this happen, but aren’t quite there yet.

How do we contact you directly?

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