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The Life of Your Soap

You may not love soap as much as we do, but, let's face it... you use it everyday. At least, we hope you do!

Nothing is more frustrating that running out of soap, and we've been hearing some rumblings from some competitor's customers about the lifespan of their soap.

So we decided to put our Grenade Soaps up against one of those competitors to see who lasted longer. 

Our Grenade Soap vs the Competition

We wanted a fair test, so we ordered one of the top scents from another all-natural soap company, grabbed a grenade, and used one of our cedar soap dishes to make each soap last as long as possible and dry out between uses.

Each soap was used one-for-one, alternating uses between our Grenade and our competitors bar. We washed bar to skin; no washcloth, no loofa, just taking the bar and scrubbing head to toe.

It didn't take long to notice some differences. The competitor's bar felt more dense and heavier, which could have indicated it would last longer. Spoiler alert - it didn't. 

We also noticed the competitor's bar dried out our skin something fierce. We expected another all-natural product to have similar moisturizing effects like our Grenades. But found that wasn't the case, with our skin being left dry and almost scaly. After just four uses, the competitor's bar broke in half.

Our Grenade Soap vs the Competition

Each use after that, it continued to break. We don't know if you've ever tried to use pieces of soap to shower, but it ain't fun. Our grenade continued to hold up shower after shower, long after the competitor's bar disintegrated into pieces and disappeared.

Our Grenade Soap vs the Competition

Final results? Our competitor's bar lasted 7 showers. Okay, we'll give it 8 showers, but we were washing with several pieces on that 8th shower. Our grenade held up more than twice the number of showers, for a total of 17 showers of Freedom. 

Our Grenade Soap vs the Competition

We will gladly put our Grenades up against our competitor any day for any kind of judgement... there really isn't any comparison. What you do with this information is up to you, but here's our suggestion:

Ditch the Bar. Grab a Grenade.

Want to see more? Check out our video on YouTube showing exactly what each use looked like to compare side-by-side.


  • Matthew Raubenheimer

    I’m new to buying soap through you guys. Bought a 6-pack of frags. Delighted to see that not only was there a veteran company that made natural soaps but also had scent free soap for hunting, so I got a couple Ricky’s in my 6 pack. I hunt a lot, sometimes out in the field for over a week. When I’m bringing soap out to the field, I put in on of those plastic soap dishes with a cover that snaps. A regular soap dish like the ones you sell are fine for a bathroom somewhere, but I can’t just throw a bar of soap & soap dish like that in a backpack without putting them in a ziplock bag or something. I would love to see you guys put out a soap dish that has a cover & completely encases the grenade shape soap that you sell specifically. Just for the kids that can’t stay outta the field? Count me in for that purchase, if you do.

  • Sean Wakeman

    Love the soaps only problem is my kids like them and take them. It’s refreshing to shower with freedoms everyone takes for granted.

  • Jeff Raley

    This soap is the real deal. I tried it just for the novelty of the grenade, but when I used it, not only does it for your hand exceptionally well (Very ergonomic… soap drops) but it is actually great soap. The scents, the cedar block is a must, and it lasts!!! (See video). It’s true. Grab a grenade!!!

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