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Cedar 'Merica Flag Soap Dish
Cedar flag soap dish on wood background

Cedar 'Merica Flag Soap Dish

Regular price $14.99

Each of our wooden soap dishes is unique and custom-designed.  This 'Merica soap dish is made in the shape of the American flag with the K Bar logo.

Our 'Merica Grenade Soap dish is made from pure Virginia aromatic cedar and custom CNC milled to our exacting specifications. 

Improve the long-lasting nature of your Original Grenade Soaps by letting them rest and recharge on some 'Merica between uses. The cedar dish will allow the bar to dry more evenly until your next shower of freedom. 

Be sure to grab one of these all-American soap dishes. Add it to your order to get the most life out of your all-natural bar of soap. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Deven Payne
Enough said.

It looks cool, it smells good, it holds your soap. What else could you ask for...

Nathan T
Soap dish

The soap dish is amazing I had one for me and my 11 year old son wanted one so I ordered him one too.


Soap dish is high quality material. The grenade bar fits perfectly on it and bar doesn't stick to the soap dish. The cedar scent also adds a nice scent to your grenade bar too. Awesome quality. Recommended that you grab one for your bar.

Christina R
Awesome soap dish!

Great quality carved wooden soap dish. I wish I had bought one earlier! Fits perfectly for kbar soap grenades.

Donald Chalfy
Cedar Soap Dish -- Must Have

I love my Cedar Soap Dish. This is a must have item. The smell of awesome, pure cedar is strong with this soap grenade platform. It is designed well and keeps the soap grenade dry between showers. Nobody likes mushy soap... nobody!
Get yours now. You'll be glad you did.

Bryan McDonald
So Fresh and so clean CLEAN

Whiskey & Bad Decisions was a knock out of the park from the first wash. The scent is the man of all mans smell I must say. Talk about wanna shower more than twice a day because this soap is the shizznit! I have Cash Sales on standby and when I know I need a quick money bath to make that overtime at work aka scrilla that comes in handy. The grenade style is awesome for these bear paws so none of this see on TV dropping the soap status 🤣. I can’t wait to try the rest. Lastly the cedar American Flag Soap dish is just fitting. Merica everywhere even in my shower! Thanks for the clean man bod folks!