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Whiskey & Bad Decisions Beard Grease

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Some call it butter, some call it balm. Here at KBSC, we call it grease because it’s a mix between the two, and because real men should use something called grease, not butter. Our Beard Grease is a little softer than a balm, a little harder than a butter.

And best of all, the Whiskey & Bad Decisions scent has just enough of that Leadslinger's Whiskey smell to make you smile. 

Our beard grease keeps that flowing mane of yours nice and healthy. Moisturized with all-natural ingredients, we have you covered with ensuring your beard looks its best at all times. 

We produce our Beard Grease by hand with scents that complement their Grenade Soap counterpart. Our blend of all-natural oils, beeswax, and essential oils will help moisturize, soften, condition, and tame the most grizzliest of face manes.

Every can of KBSC Beard Grease contains 2oz/60ml of pure freedom beard righteousness.

How to Use KBSC Beard Grease

This product is made for daily use.

After showering, towel-dry your beard but leave a little dampness in it. Take a dime- to quarter-size amount of Beard Grease, depending on the size of your beard, and rub between your hands for a few seconds until it fully melts. Make sure there is plenty on your fingertips and start from underneath your beard, right at the root, and work it through the beard from the skin outward.

To finish, groom with your KBSC Frag Out Grenade Beard comb.

You will be able to gauge how much you need after the first couple of applications. The amount you use should fully absorb into your skin and beard. Beard should not remain oily to the touch after an hour or two or you have used too much and should modify usage amount.

This scent complements the Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap.


Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, WHISKEY essential oil for fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tim Norko
Good grease

This stuff works my facial hair is coarse and it makes it nice and smooth to get between the legs of my lady

Thankful beard

I got the whiskey and bad decisions beard grease. I've had others that were very hard to massage into the face. This grease goes on super smooth and the scent last most of the day. Unfortunately it mandatory I have to wear a mask at work, but it's not so bad smelling the beard grease all day. Need to make some more scents available.

Donald Chalfy
Outstanding Beard Grease

Whiskey and Bad Decisions Beard Grease is truly an amazing feeling in my beard. I am 60 years old and have a grey beard and mustache, which can feel dry and brittle if I am not careful. I have a respectable collection of Beard oils, balms, and butters I use for my beard care. Even after my first application of the beard oil, wait 5 minutes, then after styling, adding the K Bar Soap Co. Whiskey and Bad Decisions, my beard felt exceptionally soft, hydrated, and silky smooth without feeling like I have heavy or thick product in my beard, yet has a light hold to keep the beard in place. The scent is great and not overstated. Keeping grey beards in shape and healthy is challenging enough, K Bar Beard Grease helps make that easy. For the younger guys, this will make your beard feel amazing and easier to manage, especially for the full bearded folks. Put this in your beard and let the ladies feel the freedom of that glorious, silky, Merican beard.

Rhonda Payne
Awesome, just awesome!

Purchased this for my husband and he loves it! I love the smell of it too! Great products and service.

Don Angel, JR
My beard Like’e ... a lot !!!

Whiskey and Bad Decisions hand grenade soap is outstanding but the beard grease too, it’s like assault and battery !!! If you get one then you should get the other too !!!

Layering products is a great way to get the scent you want!