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Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap with dog tag and cedar flag K Bar soap dish
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap packaged with dog tag
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap leaning on Leadslinger's Whiskey by water
Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap

Whiskey & Bad Decisions Grenade Soap

Regular price $12.97

We have all been there… somewhere we shouldn’t have been due to a little too much of the happy sauce. This soap grenade bar was created as an ode to a much simpler time when this was a normal occurrence.  

Our ergonomically designed Original Grenade Soap Bar of WABD contains just enough Leadslinger's Whiskey to remind you to have a good time, but not enough to give probable cause for a field sobriety test!  Winning!  

WABD soap is made exclusively with Leadslingers Whiskey and all the gun-toting, bald eagle screaming glory that comes with it. Find out what the hype is about and grab one of our best-selling soap grenades today!  

Notes of vanilla and clove finish out the whiskey and give this soap bar a great manly scent that doesn’t linger. 

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All-Natural Soap Ingredients:

Saponification of olive, palm, coconut, and avocado oils, shea butter, Leadslingers Whiskey, clove powder, walnut powder, essential oil blend for fragrance.

Weight: 7.62 oz of Freedom

Veteran Owned and Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 396 reviews
Michaela Pollard
So Clean! Favorite Soap!

I hadn’t been able to find a body soap where I truly felt clean and liked the smell. After using this a few days, I fell in love. My skin feels so clean and refreshed and there are no harsh chemicals. I recommend this soap for women and overall the brand to my friends and family. I have never felt so clean with body wash before. Let alone we love the company.

Swamp ass ain't got nothing on KBar Soap!

I am a woodworker and I have a small shop in North Carolina. For more than a month, it's been in the 90's with himidity in the 70-90% range daily. Not only does Salt Dog keep the grit and grime from woodworking away, but it keeps my skin clean in spite of the constant onslaught from heat and sweat in these temperatures. Thanks to KBar Soap, I no longer have to fear swamp ass!

Paul Costello
Napalm in the AM

Clean fresh scent bar last super long quick service and delivery !!!

Brian Schettler

One of my favorite soaps. Leaves me smelling like a bas ass santa.


Amazing soap that smells great! I’m a machinist and it cleans the daily grit with east and is also great on my beard. Highly recommend!

Chris R
Great Soap!

I love this soap! I have ordered the Six Pack several times now. I started out buying them one by one, but found that for me the Six Pack makes more sense. The soap keeps my skin softer and more hydrated than anything else I have ever used. I will keep ordering this until I can't operate a computer any longer. 'Merica!