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Newest limited edition bar that’s a sandalwood scent. This one Was made in honor of the Leathernecks out there that earned the title. Latherneck utilizes an essential oil blend that it primarily sandalwood for that traditional man scent. Composition is similar in nature to our best selling Whiskey and Bad Decisions Bar, but in an entirely new scent that we guarantee you’ll love. This one started life as a boot bar, but has now graduated to the big leagues. Snag up a bar of this limited run, and experience how clean a freedom shower will make you feel. 


Ingredients:  Saponification of olive, coconut, palm, avocado oils, shea butter, clove and walnut powder, essential oil for fragrance. 7.62 oz of showering freedom in every bar. 

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Works great

Stuff is awesome.

My favorite soap!!

This soap, high speed, low drag, is my personal favorite of all the Kbar soap line. Take my word for it... you will not be disappointed!


I loved the soap. It was better than I expected. I'm ordering more today!

Exactly the response we love to get!
Glad I am using this soap

I was using Dr Squatch and made a switch to Kbar. My first impression was this is a little more expensive then Dr Squatch. But well worth the money the scents are more manly and easier to hang on to the soap. So happy I am switching. Thanks Kevin. Hellbound nation!

Thanks for giving us a shot, we’re happy to have you!
Imagine that!? No F-ing bugs!

When I first opened the packaging, I was blasted with the overpowering smell of eucalyptus and wasn't sure about this one. I didn't want to be walking around smelling like a giant eucalyptus plant... but, that's not the case at all.

Not only does Fu*ck Bugs leave you feeling fresh and clean, this actually works too! I've always been a mosquito magnet - not anymore! Now I can go back to just swatting away the ladies instead of worrying about those damn bugs. Thanks K-Bar!

Nice! Glad to hear the soap had multiple benefits!