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2 Grenade Soaps and K Bar Cedar Soap Dish
2 Grenade Soaps laying on K Bar Cedar Soap Dish
2 Grenade Soaps laying on K Bar Cedar Soap Dish

Pair o' Frag Grenade Soaps & 'MERICA Soap Dish

Regular price $36.99

TWICE the showering Freedom in a combo that saves you money. Grab one of our cedar soap dishes with two Grenade Soaps and keep the showering Freedom going even longer!

Choose from all of our grenade soap scents for your pair o'Frag. Or mix and match for a custom showering with freedom package. 

Made from all-natural ingredients, all of our Grenade Soaps offer the best in cleansing power while being moisturizing on your skin. 

The 'Merica soap dish in the shape of the flag of the USA, is made from aromatic cedar and custom milled to our specifications. Let your grenades rest here after use to prolong their long-lasting nature. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Deven Payne
My thoughts

So I purchased this to take advantage of a 15% discount. Great option if this is your first transition from bars to grenade. I went with Kaneohe bay and Latherneck. Just tried Kaneohe, yet to try latherneck. The only complaint I can say about the soap is that the Kaneohe and WABD really irritated my scalp when I used it on my hair. To be fair I do have issues with dry scalp/dandruff. So get on a shampoo guys! Still 5/5 all things considered.

Really that much better

This makes other soaps cry liberal tears

‘Twas a gift.

Actually, I did 3 different orders for 3 different birthdays. Should be able to put it into 1 order and ship to different addresses. Anywho... I haven’t tried it yet, but I was told that they liked the soap. Shipped quick.

Elena Mallett

Amazing package for what you get. Had to have the Merica dish, and love the Revielle! Yet to use the Salt Dog, but I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Zachary Inselmann
Smells great

The whiskey and bad decisions Is a great smelling product, but better yet leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed

jason brothers
Awesome soap

What’s the second or third time I’ve bought soap from these people and I love How do you smell and feel and my girl loves his smell in the shower