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Wooden Comb by K Bar on an American flag
Wooden Comb by K Bar on an American flag with shells

All Purpose Wooden Comb

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This is the wooden all-purpose comb to use anywhere you have some hair long enough to need a little attention, not just for beards.

The benefit of a wooden comb is that it’s static-free. No more fly-aways after using this comb to try to get it all under control. 

And unlike its plastic counterpart, a wood comb will soak up any residual oil or product. No more gumming up a plastic comb with products when you are using the K Bar Soap Co All-Purpose Wooden Comb!

As with all of our products, it's American-made and ready to be added to your daily routine to care for any hair anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Annie P
Beautiful Comb

I know.. a comb is a comb! But my partner has been using my comb and I thought I'd pick him up an attractive one for Christmas. THIS comb absolutely exceeded my expectations. It is so beautiful, the quality structure is perfections and the smell...I may or may not have sniffed it several times. It's perfect!

Douglas Warner

Fits nicely in pocket and is great for the quick comb through. Very sturdy. This thing won't bend or break!


It's a great product. I keep it in my back pocket and it strong enough to withstand my fat ass sitting on it.

Josh Claussen

Best comb that I've used, will be looking forward to use it far many years to come.

Manuel M
Great for thick hair

I've let my hair grow out since I've been out and more so now due to barbershops being closed. It's great with thick hair and works well with pomade.

Amos Thorpe

I ordered the wooden comb. Actually 2 of them. They are very good quality. Work great and fit the hand well. Plus they sent a hand written thank you card. I was very impressed and will be trying other products of theirs in the future.

Thanks for trying us out! We firmly believe in high-quality products because our customers deserve it!