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Firewatch Beard Oil on Wood background
Firewatch Beard Oil on Wood background
Firewatch Beard Oil in greytones

Firewatch Premium Beard Oil

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A K Bar Beard Oil for those Paul Bunyan types that love them some Cedar scent. It's a perfect complement to our Firewatch Grenade Soap

Only use this if you have the desire to gain man points on the regular.

All of our beard oils will keep your amazing face mane behaving how it should. Our all-natural ingredients will keep it moisturized and well-maintained. 

You will love the light scent and so will she. Not to mention the fact that your beard will feel so much better once it's been tamed with beard oil. We predict she will thank you for that. 

How to Use Our Beard Oil:

After you shower, simply apply roughly 2-5 pumps of Freedom (depending on length and density of beard) to the palm of the hand and distribute evenly throughout slightly damp hair.

Use one of our wooden beard combs for better distribution.

A single 1oz bottle should last 6 weeks for those with a typical beard. If your beard isn't typical, then adjust accordingly.



Fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe extract, vitamin E, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, orange oil, essential oil blend for fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Dane Lee
Wife loves it

Great smell and it works and the wife loves it. Enough said. Thx for another great product 👍

Jay Bennington
Reveille, Reveille, Reveille

Wakey wakey, eggs and Bakey. Listen up gents. Its time to get out of the rack and get moving. Theres a lot of ways to start your day, but they always follow reveille. It smells good, and keeps that beard nice. Try it, or sleep in and let life pass you by.

Jason McClintock
Reveille Beard Oil

Compared to their other beard oils this is my least favorite. The smell wakes you up but the initial smell when applying it is really strong for my liking. It does do well keeping my beard soft and looking good though

Tim Norko
Good stuff

Works good not as good as the grease. Smells amazing the ole lady can’t keep her hands off of me with the reveille scent

Donald Chalfy
Excellent Beard Oil -- Feels so Good

I purchased a 1 Oz. bottle of the Whiskey and Bad Decisions Premium Beard Oil to try along with the Beard Grease. Both are a winning combination.
This Beard oil is light, feels good working into the skin at the base of my beard, then using a comb or brush, in order to work into the length of the beard. From my first usage, my skin felt great and hydrated. I have a grey beard that can get dry and brittle, leaving my face feeling itchy if it gets dried out. I have a lot of different beard oils I like, so in using Whiskey and Bad Decisions, I like the feel in beard; it is not heavy feeling like the oils that contain castor oil, the ease of use with the pump, instead of an eye dropper is great, and it absorbs well into my skin and beard. The scent is mild and pleasing. After a soap grenade shower, I dry off,then I apply a couple of pumps to my fingers and work the oil onto the skin at the base of the beard, then work it through the beard. Then I wait t minutes, style my beard, then finish it off with some K Bar Soap Co. Whiskey and Bad Decisions Bead Grease. My beard feels silky smooth, gives the ladies the chance to run their fingers through 'MERICAN FREEDOM!


I'll be honest, I ran out of KBar Soap Co's beard oil for about 2½ weeks. I tried a competitor's oil I already had. It felt gummy in my beard. I received my new bottle of KBar and used it immediately. My beard practically drank it in! It was stiff and crunchy, now it's back to soft, luxurious, and pleasant feeling! I got the 2 Oz bottle so I always have a reserve! KBarSoapCo for Merica!