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Fu*k Bugs Repellent Grenade Soap with dog tag and cedar soap dish on background
Fu*k Bugs Repellent Grenade Soap with Soap Dish and dog tags
Fu*k Bugs Repellent Grenade Soap with Soap Dish on camo
Fu*k Bugs Repellent Grenade Soap with dog tag and cedar soap dish on background

Fu*k Bugs Repellent Grenade Soap

Regular price $12.97

This Grenade Soap bar is meant to be used as the first line of defense to deter the little bastards from munching on your flesh while you're enjoying the outdoors.

This handmade soap is packed full of eucalyptus, citronella, and Tea Tree essential oil; all of which have been known to naturally repel insects.

You won’t find another soap bar like this anywhere.

Shower with freedom before that next backyard cookout, camping or hunting trip in the woods, watching a Saturday morning soccer game, or white water rafting down the Nile.

This bug repellent Grenade Soap should be used as the first layer of defense against the pesky critters, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors the all-natural way. 

***use as intended, actual Fu*king of bugs can cause irritation and/or infection. (RM) 

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Olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, mango seed butter, walnut powder, bentonite clay, essential oil blend for fragrance

Weight: 7.62 oz of Freedom

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Big fan of this bar. When I am at the lake with friends, I am far less bothered by mosquitoes and gnats then anyone else. I have been an advocate for the F*ck Bugs bar since the first try. I guess I'm going to have to give them a bar of mine to prove it works. Now if it would only repel those pesky flies. 😆

Man, we don't call it Fu*k Bugs for the hell of it! Maybe that's something we can look into about adding something that would help with flies. I'll add that to the to do list.

Brett Hamilton
Works great every time!

The best story I have of this soap is from several years ago when I was fishing on the Mermanteau River in South Louisiana, close enough to the coast to see the Gulf of Mexico. My buddy was swarmed. I was laughing at him.

Virginia Parham
Fu*k Bug

Wonderful! It really works. My husband has been using this soap since it was available . He uses it everyday and he swears by it. I also gave one as a gift and they love it.

Fu*k the Bugs

I use some of the other flavors (love the whiskey & bad decisions) but during the warmer months I switch to Fu*k the bugs. As a rancher in southern MO, you can bet we know bugs and I think this soap really helps. My bars would last a hell of a lot longer the wife didn't like it so much, but I have to admit the critters like her more than me.
Semper Fi Brother, thanks for a great product.

Great for Camping!

I love using F*ck Bugs soap when I go camping. Tried it on a trip once and haven't gone back since. Leaves your skin feeling great and you don't feel like you're caked in bug spray. This stuff really works to keep the bugs away, 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Jason McClintock
Fu*k them bugs!

The soap has good texture feels excellent scrubbing the grime off your body. Smells great, reminds me of camping!