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Chaos Hair Pomade
Chaos Hair Pomade
Chaos Hair Pomade

Chaos Hair Pomade

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New look, same great heavy hold Pomade!  Of course, this hair pomade is all-natural just like all our other products. 

It has a manly scent that has been known to help with the ladies, at least that was feedback received from our staff of highly trained professional pomade testers. It's that CLP scent that is just so irresistible, gets them every time! 

If you are a dapper kind of guy, use this to keep every hair in place without those chemicals of that BS gel you currently use.

Why add a bunch of things you can't even pronounce on your hair when you can use an all-natural product that will keep that hair styled however you want? Alright, we admit bentonite clay isn't exactly easy to say but it's definitely all-natural. 

Get ready to start impressing the ladies when you use our Chaos Hair Pomade.


Coconut oil, beeswax, bentonite clay, essential oil blend for fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tim Norko

The pomade is amazing and all natural. I like the smell and no chemical bs in my hair plus I got laid twice in a day with this stuff.

Awesome stuff

This pomade is fantastic, great hold, great shine, a light fragrance that is basically the sum of the 4 ingredients in this stuff, and right after you apply it a bald eagle will literally give you a high five..... Greatest pomade ever!!!

Chaos Pomade

Like the smell of this pomade. But the pomade was suuuuuper hard to get out. I've had oil based pomades in the past and got out the product fine. The pomade I did get out the product did what it was supposed to! Good shine and hold, washed right out!

Matthew T
Neat Stuff - works well.

This Pomade holds my hair in place really good. It isn’t greasy and best of all not sticky. Doesn’t take very much of it to work and is easy to apply. Smells ok too!

Thanks for the feedback! Now all you need is a Grenade to go along with it ;)

Son Approved!

I bought the pomade for my 16 year old and he loves it!

Awesome! Get them started young with Freedom!

Brian Warne
Freedom will never go out of style

Amazing pomade! I threw out my crappy gel after the first use, all natural is the way to go.

Glad to hear the all-natural ingredients made a difference!