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The Original Grenade Soap

All natural grenade soaps

K Bar Soap Co is home to the Original Grenade Soap. 
    • Handmade in the USA
    • All natural ingredients
    • No harsh chemicals
    • Long Lasting
    • Non Drying
    • US Marine owned and operated

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Shower with freedom knowing you aren't putting all of those UN-natural ingredients the big boys use in their soaps. 

Grab a (Soap) Grenade and all of the bald eagle screaming, American flag waving, steak eating, gun shooting glory that comes with it. Find out what the hype is about and grab one today in one of our popular scents. 

And don't worry, for you indecisive types and for the ones who have already figured out our grenade soaps are the best on the market, there's combo packs where you can save even more.

Need more convincing?

We put our Original Grenade Soaps to the test against some of those competitors and the results speak for themselves:

K Bar Soap Co vs the Competition

K Bar Soap Co is Veteran owned and operated. Shower with freedom!

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