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Six 5.56 Ammo Cans stacked with K Bar logo
5.56 Ammo Can with K Bar logo with shelf of beard grease in back

KBSC 5.56 Ammo Box Men's Gift

Regular price $18.99

Just like its bigger brother this ammo box can be packed with some of our showering or beard care products for the greatest gift bundle there is. 

Is your man one who has everything? Well, time to add this to his collection filled with Soap Grenades and other K Bar Soap Co gear.

Add any other items to your cart along with this and we will be sure to pack it up really nice for you - ready for gift giving. 

This can also be used as a hard-cased dopp kit for those who are Oscar Mike...that's "on the move" for you non-military types. 

As a travel case or a home for your Soap Grenades, it fills all purposes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elizabeth Schmucker

for gifting freedom soap!! Eff wrapping.

Josh Claussen

An great way to store you're soap.

Eileen Acosta
Notes From The Old Lady

This ammo box was a birthday gift for my son-in-law. He says he likes it. He is not military, he does go hunting. I hope he finds it useful.

Great for Storing Your Soap

My wife was complaining about my soap all over the cabinet so I bought this to keep them all together. She loves it, I love it, and it works great!

Nothing says 'Merica like some showering Freedom in an ammo box!

Diesel Daddy
Lunch like a MAN!!

This ammo can is awesome. Once I saw it on the site, I said yep, gotta get that. It makes a great lunch box!! And a great way to show off that great K BAR SOAP CO logo. MERICA BABY!!


Charles L

Great addition to anyones shooting gear pile!

There's many different uses for this once the soap is gone, some folks even use it as a DOPP kit and take it with them!