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6 bars of natural soap stacked outside
6 bars of natural soap angled outside
6 bars of natural soap stacked outside on deck

“Top 6” All Natural Soap Sampler

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Here’s your chance to try us out before you commit to full-size Grenade Soaps of Showering Freedom. Meet the “Top 6” Sampler.

Featuring sample-sized bars of our top selling scents: Whiskey & Bad Decisions, Napalm in the AM, Cash Sales, Reveille, Opha Mae, and Firewatch.  

Each bar uses the same all-natural ingredients as their big brother Grenade Soap bar and is great for travel in your Oscar Mike Kit, to throw in your gym bag, take camping, etc.  

Dab your toe into Showering with Freedom and feel the difference before you jump in head first.  You won’t be mad you did.  

Each sample bar is approx. 1oz in weight. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
John Inman

Just started using the soap and so far I can’t complain. It’s always a pleasure to support a fellow Marine. Semper Fi

Eileen Sweeny

I originally ordered soap for my boyfriend and I fell in love with them! I buy it for me!

Allan Davisson
Very impressed

I'm still on the first 1oz bar from the sample 6pack! That tiny bar has already outlasted the 5oz bar I had from Dr. Sqautch! As soon as I dial in my favorite scent I'll be showering with freedom from now on! Oorah!

Fred Hutchinson

So far so good. Enjoy the product. Zero complaints. I'll be purchasing more.

Stanley Stringfellow
Great soap

Love all the ones I've used. Still have some to try.

Megan S.
Great Soap

I do not know how I came upon KBarSoapCo. However, I am so glad I did. I bought the samples so my husband and I can try them out. Napalm in the AM is by far both our favorite. It smells amazing, has an exfoliating texture to it, and washed out with no film left behind. Whiskey and Bad Decisions is a close second. Will be ordering the large bars of these two. Definitely would recommend the samples to test out which ones you prefer.