The Boot Bar

The Boot Bar

Maybe you’re not ready to step up to one of our grenades yet, or possibly you want a more manageable all-around use bar of soap. Thats where the Boot Bar will step in as the economical option for you to still shower with freedom. These contain the same ingredients as their grenade big brothers. Boot Bars come in 5.56oz size each for your freedom showering enjoyment. 

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soap so good I have to hide it from my wife

So this is my second order of soap in a short period because my wife keeps stealing it cause it smells and works so good. The mildly abrasive properties makes it great for exfoliating and getting clean. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Sharing is caring ;) Nice to hear you are both enjoying some showering Freedom!
Same awesome recipe

I love this soap. Its hard to wash with anything else

That's what we like to hear! #ditchthebar
Smell the freedom!

The boot bar is a great bar to use in your travel kit! I chose the “Latherneck” scent and I wasn’t disappointed. The scent will make you want to go outside, crack a cold one and start a U. S. A. chant!! Get a bar and see for yourself! You owe it to yourself to start showering with freedom!

Who knew soap could have such a Patriotic effect?? Exactly what we are going for! Thank you

I like to smell something good when I shower in the morning.
I like the Clove smell of Latherneck.
I also like the Citronella in Buck Fugs and the Tea Tree in Salt Dog.

wgoble HM, RN, Instructor

We definitely try to have plenty of soaps for those different occasions!