Fluster Cuck
Fluster Cuck
Fluster Cuck

Fluster Cuck

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The KBSC version of a melting pot of flavors, err scents, yeah scents... don’t eat it. This bar starts life as a basic bar of soap, then we grind up bits of all of our other scents and add them to this one. It’s truly a grab bag of ever-changing scent. Did you get mostly Whiskey and Bad Decisions or more Salt Dog?? You’ll never know until you use it. Good luck! It’s got all kinds of good shit in it just as the label states.  



May contain ingredients from any of the other bars of soap. If you are prone to skin allergies, check all ingredients of each bar before use.

Weight: 7.62 oz of Freedom

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding value!!

First time order. Will be buying again great value outstanding customer service. Had my order the next day can't get better than that!!
Check out the Candles!!

Thanks Chris for the best soap ever!!

6 Pack O'Frag

As always I am super pleased with our purchase. This is the first time I have ordered a woman's scent of soap and my husband has yet to find a soap he does not like. These grenades last an ample amount of time and am considering gifting these for my Veteran friends for Christmas. KBar always lives up to great standards!

This is what we love to hear! Thank you for your support! We are happy to help you gift some showering Freedom this Christmas!
Great soap

Best soap that I have used.

Hubbie loves!!

Bought this for my husband as a novelty Christmas gift to begin with and we just made our second order! Needless to say he loves it........well so do I!

So glad to hear you both like our showering Freedom!
Best brand on the market

The beard oil is absolutley delivered as promised. The soap is hydrating , and rich. Support a Veteran Company, you will not he disappointed.

Glad you found the all-natural ingredients made a difference in your grooming - that's what we strive for!