Save The Tatas Limited Edition
Save The Tatas Limited Edition
Save The Tatas Limited Edition

Save The Tatas Limited Edition

This October, we’re doing something a little different for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of our friends was recently diagnosed and has been undergoing treatments to fight this mess and get on with her life. We decided to make this bar to sell and donate 100% of the profit straight to her to help cover some of the incidental costs associated with travel, lodging, meals, etc that all go along with it. Please take a minute to read her story below along with the link to her Go Fund me if you feel so compelled to do more for the cause. 

Save the Tatas is our first ever “cinnamon” scented bar, which is as seasonal as we wanted to get without doing some pumpkin spice mess.  This limited run Grenade of showering Freedom will not be listed or sold in bulk packs, this will be the only place you can get it.  

Ingredients: Saponification of coconut, palm, and canola oils, shea butter, madder root powder for color, essential oil for fragrance  (cinnamon bark,chamomile, frankincense blend) 


Anyone who knows Christina knows that she is the most kindhearted, carefree person who would offer a lending hand to anyone who needed it. Now, Christina is in need of our lending hand.

As many of you know, on May 15th, 2020, Christina was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer to be more specific. At 30 years old, this caught her and her family all by surprise as there was no history of Breast Cancer in her family. 

On June 25th, 2020, Christina started her first round of chemotherapy at Roswell Cancer Center in Buffalo. She will have to undergo chemo for the next 5 ½ months before she can have surgery. The chemo is to reduce the size of the tumor and shrink it away from the muscle wall of her chest. Once her chemo is done, Christina will head to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC for a Double Mastectomy.

Unfortunately due to the nature of Christina’s profession she is unable to continue to work until she is done with chemo and her surgery. This obviously came as a shock to Christina as not being able to work wasn’t even on her radar.

With any type of cancer comes the financial burden of trying to pay for co-pays, treatments, prescriptions, and hospital costs on top of normal every day bills that a family incurs.  So I am reaching out and asking for help for a phenomenal woman that means more than she knows to me.

Please consider making a donation to help Christina and her family to have one less thing to worry about so that she can focus on getting herself better again and beating cancer. Thank you so much for your help.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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