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Hand holding grenade soap in front of American flag
Grenade Soap outside in dirt
High Speed Low Drag Grenade Soap with dog tag

High Speed Low Drag Grenade Soap

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High-Speed Low-Drag Grenade Soap is a special composition that uses activated charcoal and some real salt of the earth straight from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Along with a blend of essential oils, including Tea Tree and Sandalwood as the base scent, it provides a super cleansing and detoxifying effect.

Get this soap grenade of all-natural showering freedom in your hands before they run out!  

American-made with ingredients you can trust.

7.62oz of Showering Freedom in every Frag.

Ingredients: saponification of coconut, olive, and canola oils, Shea butter, activated charcoal, Bonneville salt flats salt, essential oil for fragrance. 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Paskill
F’n Awesome

Exactly the soap I needed. Threw away all the other harsh chemical soaps. K-Bar is all I’ll be using from now on. Now if y’all could do Deodorant…that’s be real nice Clark.

Brandon Mancine
Another great scent from Kbar!

I can’t decide which is my favorite scent, but reveille is in the running!!


The BEST MAN soap on the market hands down… the moisture and fragrance components can’t be beat.
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#kbarsoap #getusome


The soap is amazing, as always!! Love F*ck Bugs! Scent is great and does the job to keep the bugs away while keeping your skin feeling great!

Jason McClintock
Latherneck soap

Great smell one of my favorites!

Randy O’Donnell
High speed low drag Clean AF

Usually by Napalm in the AM but opted for HSLD. Wasn’t let down. I use all the products and buy the candles cause Men can still be Men when we use the grenade not foofoo women shit.

God bless our brother and sisters that serve and Khartoum for letting us have scents that don’t make us wear dresses.