Fire Team of Boots

Fire Team of Boots

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Similar to our grenade bars, with this deal you can get a whole Fire Team worth of Boot Bars (4 x 5.56oz bars) at a deep discount!   Our most economical option to have you showering with Freedom in no time flat.  You purchase the Fire Team of Boots, we will hand select 4 scents and surprise you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!  

Customer Reviews

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BEST Man’s Soap Hands Down, Man Down

I purchased this soap for my husband who is a simple guy... there’s only a few things he is Meticulous about. His body soap is one of them, he loves how this soap smells, cleanses and leaves his skin moisturized and hydrated. No lotion needed! I know this because he brags about KBar and dreads when he’s out. Thank you for such a bullet proof product!

Glad to hear the premium ingredients have made a difference!
Never disappointed

I refuse to buy any other soap other then Kbar. Ever single recipe is amazing and long lasting. Im a life long customer. This is a great way to get to know all the soaps from kbar.

We can't wait to hear what your favorite scent is! Glad to hear you've enjoyed trying some of them out!
Good soap

Gentle on the skin with an amazing smell

We love how you can tell the difference with our premium ingredient products!
Just what I needed

My fire team of boots came in to save the day! I was getting ready to go on a 7 day New England cruise for my honeymoon when I noticed my boot bar for my travel kit would not make it the 7 days. Grabbed an order of fire team, threw one in my suitcase and I was good to go! I love the soap and the fact that K Bar picks the soap. Quite a surprise!

And we bet your wife loved how you smelled! Congratulations!
Awesome product

As a vet I support a lot of veteran brands but this brand you can tell they put their heart and soul into it. Depending on the time of year my skin gets extremely dry. But using these soaps have virtually stopped my dry skin and I will tell you my wife loves it. So take a chance and let this great team pick out some soaps for you and you will not be disappointed. My favorite so far is Whiskey and Bad Decisions. Thank you KBar Soap and keep up the great work.

It's the all-natural ingredients - they don't strip your skin of it's moisture. We are glad you can tell a difference, and thank you for your support!