6 Pack O’Frag

6 Pack O’Frag

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Why buy only one for yourself when you can get 5 more bars of explosive showering Freedom and save a few bucks? Here’s your opportunity. Just use the drop-downs to choose your scents and we will handle the rest.

Grab your KBSC 6 Pack O’Frag today and Make Showering Really Great Again. 🇺🇸


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What's not to love

Love all of the great products.
The soaps are awesome. Smell great, look very kool.
I'm a girl and I use them daily.
Nothing better than a little Napalm in the a.m.
I'll never use anything but KBar soaps. Super fast shipping

Go Big or Go Home: 6-Pack O'Frag

I placed my order on a Tuesday evening and it arrived on Saturday, which I was impressed by. I ordered (1) Salt Dog, (1) Whiskey & Bad Decisions, (1) Fu*k Bugs, (1) Chest Candy, and (2) High Speed Low Drag (limited edition) along with some other items.

So far, I've only used the Salt Dog scent and the grenade bar is still going strong. I set it on the Merica Soap Dish in my shower caddy when not in use. Typically, I let the shower go for a few minutes to wet my skin down, then shut it off to soap down, then turn it back on to rinse off while I scrub my hair and beard. It lathers up well and seems to last a long time this way. I've replaced shampoo, conditioner and body wash with the grenade bar and I'm really happy with it. I have really fine hair and this makes my hair feel a little thicker and my skin feels less dry than before (especially right now in the cold winter months).

My wife wasn't sure about the Salt Dog scent right away, but she says it has grown on her and really likes it now. She hasn't tried her Opha Mae grenade bar yet. I am excited to try the other scents and use the Fu*k Bugs scent in the summer when the mosquitoes get really active. My two oldest boys (11, 9) started using it too, think the grenade bar is pretty cool and like the scent as well.

Lastly, I like being able to read and actually pronounce the limited number of natural ingredients. A mix and match with the 6 Pack O'Frag is the best bang for your buck. I'd highly recommend it for yourself and as a fun gift for others. A big thanks to Chris for making great (natural) products and for his service to our country; you've got repeat customers with us!

Great soap!!!!!!!!

Great product love it !!!!!!! use it instead of shampoo too..... great to give a veteran my business !!!!!!!!

Great Product

I received the 6-pack a few days after I placed my order, and I love the product. I highly recommend you give K-bar a try.

Absolutely love the soap

My husband LOVES your soaps, he kept hinting he wanted more as he just used his last whiskey and bad decisions. I ordered beforeor Christmas and came in perfectly. We truly love your product and will continue to buy and share with our friends and family!