Beard and Body Kit
Beard and Body Kit

Beard and Body Kit

One stop shop in our top scents. Each Beard and Body kit comes with a 7.62 oz grenade of all-natural showering freedom, 2 oz Beard Grease, 1oz bottle of our Premium Beard Oil, and a MERICA custom soap dish.*

All of our soap is meant to be head to toe, so no need for expensive beard washes, shampoo, etc. You’ll be able to tell a huge difference in feel when using all three components of this kit combined together daily.  

Make showering and your beard great again with this kit!

*Whiskey not included. I know, it’s a total bummer. 

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Glad you liked the soap and other grooming products!

New to Beard oils and grease

So I bought this after having a hairstylist recommended beard oil to help soften my beard and relieve that annoying itch that comes with growing a thick beard. I have to admit I did a bit of googling how to use it and after using a few drops every day the oil became my favorite product, love the citrus scent from "Napalm in the AM", I used the beard grease to form my mustache and occasionally using it as a chapstick when I'm noticing my lips are starting to crack. Its amazing how little you need to get the beard looking great and best part the itch of growing a beard is gone! As always the soap is amazing and I'll definitely order more of these products when I run out or possibly as gifts!!

Awesome! We love to hear feedback like this! It's always great to hear how our all-natural products can really make a difference!
Better than watching a Democrat fall down the stairs

All the products in this bundle are awesome!!! They work together amazingly.

Teamwork is what we like - even in our soap! Thanks for the love!
Great stuff!

Products are all top notch; smells good, looks good, is good!
My brother approves as well!
Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! We are glad you love the scent of Freedom in the Beard & Body Kit!
Doc like's

Bravo Zulu guys....well done. Promo is sharp and you are dialed in on the customer base you are looking for (me and my grown sons/their wife's). Growing that customer base is the key to success and one I thinking you are tracking towards.

If I might suggest and this is not a knock but something that will hold me back from staying stocked up in all of your products and that's price. I know its a hard balance to find and your tracking but not there. I'd suggest increasing the size/volumes of everything (except the grenade soap) and keep hammering away with discounts. That will have me ordering more and like I did this time, increasing my overall order size to calf-off portions for gifts etc.

The chic side of your customer base I'd lean into hard as well. My 30ish year old sons wife's liked what the boys got and wondered why there wasn't more selections on webpage for them!!...... I'll drop that in your laps now.

As far as the scents/oils guys are in the money. Website is easy to move around in, clean cut and high speed. Even coming back at me with this survey is sharp business. Overall I think you've hit pay dirt.....

Very best of luck and I'll be back.....hooah
Doc D

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate your support!