KBSC Beard Grease
KBSC Beard Grease
KBSC Beard Grease
KBSC Beard Grease

KBSC Beard Grease

Some call it butter, some call it balm. Here at KBSC, we call it grease because it’s a mix between the two, and because real men should use something called grease, not butter. Our Beard Grease is a little softer than a balm, a little harder than a butter. It will allow your beard greatness to be free flowing and healthy, keep those fly-a-way hairs in check, and give you the comfort knowing that everything in this product is all natural.
We produce our Beard Grease by hand with scents that complement our soaps directly. Our blend of all-natural oils, beeswax, and essential oils will help moisturize, soften, condition, and tame the most grizzliest of face manes.

Every can of KBSC Beard Grease contains 2oz/60ml of pure freedom beard righteousness.

How to Use KBSC Beard Grease

This product is made for daily use. After showering, towel-dry your beard but leave a little dampness in it. Take a dime- to quarter-size amount of Beard Grease, depending on size of your beard, and rub between your hands for a few seconds until it fully melts. Make sure there is plenty on your finger tips and start from underneath your beard, right at the root, and work it through the beard from skin out. To finish, groom with your KBSC Frag Out Grenade Beard comb. You will be able to gage how much you need after the first couple of applications. The amount you use should fully absorb into your skin and beard. Beard should not remain oily to the touch after an hour or two or you have used too much and should modify usage amount.

All scents except the all-new Chaos complement their soap counterpart. Chaos smells like a mixture of Sandalwood and CLP. If you don’t know what CLP is, you probably won’t like this one.


Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, essential oil for fragrance.*

*Whiskey and Bad Decisions also contains WHISKEY!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very good

After using Badass beardcare products for years decided to give this a try since the soap was good. Got Whiskey and bad decisions smells amazing lasts all day and leaves beard soft 10/10 would order again

We realize there are plenty of options out there for your beard, thank you for trying our all-natural beard products out. Happy to know we add up to the competition!
Beard Grease - Salt Dog Scent

I placed my order on a Tuesday evening and it arrived on Saturday, which I was impressed by. I purchased the Beard Grease along with a 6-Pack O'Frag. I wanted to try out the soap (grenade bar) and different scent options to pick a favorite (or two) for future orders of both products.

I chose the Salt Dog scent for my Beard Grease this time around and so far, the product has worked well. My beard can get a little wild and this stuff helps me keep the strays in place.

I like the minimalist approach taken with the natural ingredient choices and the overall look and feel once applied. I'd highly recommend the Beard Grease (haven't tried the oil yet) and the 6 Pack O'Frag for a natural soap option as well.

We always try to get all orders out ASAP, we aren't quite Amazon Prime, but that's the standard we like to compare ourselves to! Thank you for giving our products a try!
No other products touch my beard!

I've spent a lot of money in the past on expensive beard oils. NONE of them beat KBar Soap Co's beard oil and beard grease! I will not use any other beard products.

With that epic of a beard, this means a lot! Thank you for your continued support JJ.

Works like a champ after one days use my Goat T was super soft and manageable , I tamed the birds nest with it

Glad we could make this an environment too clean for a bird to want to live in!
A whole lot of freedom

I bought this for a very dear friend of mine, who had a untamed bird's nest growing on his face. Just contact with the container made my girly smooth chin sprout a mountain man beard! Now we're both rocking freedom beards and I moonlight as the bearded lady while smelling amazing

Woah, changing genetics one bottle of beard oil at a time! Love it!